Haskell, Armitage And Foden Play In World's Largest Game Of Poker

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Haskell, Armitage And Foden Play In World’s Largest Game Of Poker

PokerStars.com who sponsor the England rugby team have staged the world’s largest real money poker. The site are famous for their slogan of the world’s largest Rakeback poker site but this was taking size to a whole new level. Enormous chips and cards were used by the England rugby players to play some heads up poker. Having suffered through the painful 15-15 draw between England and Scotland at the weekend it was good to get some light relief from the same rugby team as I found the youtube video of James Haskell, Delon Armitage and Ben Foden playing poker with some serious sized chips. I have to say I’m not entirely certain what Foden was doing in the hand before the Q and 7 came on the turn and river but nevertheless it was a good bit of marketing gimmickry by PokerStars. I think something like 30,000 have viewed the video. I found it whilst sorting out my new rakeback deal where they list all the current deals and also organise their own promotions. It is much better than some other sites as the freerolls and rake races are actually worth entering – they are offering a ,500 freeroll at Full Tilt. I’m getting 27% rakeback at Full Tilt now and after checking a few other sites this is definitely the best deal going.

I will be playing Rush Poker I think and trying to sort out some rake as I’ve been playing pretty well lately grinding out some good solid ROI so with the Rakeback I should be looking at a good month for once! I did also manage to go quite deep in the big Sunday tournament at PokerStars but I got to the wrong kind of deep as the money really started adding up just after I was eliminated. Still cursing a decision 10 hands previously when I squeezed the button who had raised and he turned over aces. Had one of those funny feelings going into it and still went ahead with the play. It cost me a lot of chips and completely changed my position in the tournament but you live and learn!

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