Harvard Sailing Team – Poker

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The team shows a fine undertanding of the strategies involved in the game of live strip poker.
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The revolutionized World Poker Tour Season IX, debuting Sunday, Feb. 13 on FSN.

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46 Responses to “Harvard Sailing Team – Poker”

  1. theodicy Says:

    Why didn’t Clayton use his Swords Of Revealing Light?!?!?!? What a noob.

  2. willorama1 Says:

    I still dont understand why the guy with the 5-6-7 trio didnt win….

  3. atmarify Says:

    ahahahahaha you guys are fricking hilrious! Love your Boys Will be Girls skits. Keep it up!

  4. willisan Says:

    At first I was like whaa

  5. oitotheworld23 Says:

    funny. good job.

  6. lateshaknowsbestyall Says:

    “Whatever. Play the game.”

  7. YossarianWolf Says:

    Mornington Crescent!

  8. vivienknx3 Says:

    When people play Poker, this is literally what I see. Hahaha.

  9. erogrog Says:

    bahaha wtf.

  10. ibrk4rapture Says:

    “I can unlock it”

  11. silvertamagachi Says:

    Makes about as much sense to me as regular poker.

  12. MewetheKiwi Says:

    if you think this video is awful it’s because you don’t understand it

  13. StarrrShadow Says:

    This is amateur hour.

  14. ArchiDrummer Says:

    @animelvr99 Agreed.

  15. ArchiDrummer Says:

    Agreed “animelvr99.”

  16. ArchiDrummer Says:

    Agreed animelvr99.

  17. datplayajohng Says:

    wow some of these videos are good, but a lot of them are pretty awful

  18. dreamhigher Says:

    “FIne..I reraise…” BAHAHAHAHHAHAA

  19. SugarBunny119 Says:

    I do not get it.

  20. jcall93 Says:

    lol I got poker!

  21. animelvr99 Says:

    this is hilarious. im confused

  22. dethbiker Says:

    This is already a variant, it’s called “Albuquerque Freakout”

  23. katinatreesee Says:

    This is just plain genius.

  24. puzzlite Says:

    shouldn’t they be curing cancer or something? Anyway, this is hilarious

  25. laughingman361 Says:

    @princessconseula I believe you’re correct, or it is at least her unknown identical sister.

  26. adam111111100 Says:

    the guy in the final six with the pink shirt is my uncle

  27. Geotpf Says:

    Shouldn’t there be five of them if they are the Royal Flush Girls, not just four?

  28. Rekopaa Says:

    2:33 hahaaha

  29. AlexHawn5 Says:


  30. golfshrx Says:

    That is the recent winner of the Maxim Hometown Hotties contest Melanie Inglesias

  31. udlock9 Says:

    the girl in pink bikini is the hottest

  32. skateDT Says:

    Some of these improvements are great. But most of them are unnecessary and will just take away from the possibility of more televised hands.

  33. irooni67 Says:

    @irooni67 and then >> 12:36

  34. irooni67 Says:

    Just click here >> 3:08

  35. WWE1119 Says:

    wow this looks way better than last year

  36. Pingu123489 Says:

    fake boobs in this vid

  37. NoOrdinaryGirl2011 Says:

    Can’t wait!!

  38. DumpsterFire Says:

    or even the WPT, lol.

  39. DumpsterFire Says:

    Holy crap. I might have to start watching the WTP again, for like the first time in 6 or 7 seasons. Looks extremely promising…

  40. metrohustler Says:


  41. narucy56 Says:

    Card widget graphics renewal that’s good.
    I like 4 color deck. name plate, ticker nice solid design.
    and of course Kim Lansing She is beautiful and good work so many interviews.

    New music theme,,,, um this is boring lol. no good. This is not NFL/NBA show.

  42. kickyourace Says:

    Can’t wait to see one of the best players in the world today. Pilgrim. Go D.

  43. MrCorporateBarbie Says:

    Looks great. Can’t wait!

  44. fuggybootnling Says:

    Looks great! Can’t wait to watch. But the key to a good poker show will in this age be – how much poker are going to show? VVP and Mike are going to have a tougher time adjusting than Lon and Norm have.

  45. Ripptyde64 Says:

    promo was great until Phil Helmuth showed up and ruined it

  46. golfshrx Says:

    We are very happy with the new look of the World Poker Tour and we hope you will be as well.

    Great job by the WPT Producers!

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