Harrington 62 amazing bluff raymer fold reads – WSOP – Best Poker ever Video Collection 1z4x2w

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27 Responses to “Harrington 62 amazing bluff raymer fold reads – WSOP – Best Poker ever Video Collection 1z4x2w”

  1. WearechangeEgypt Says:

    @samenzwering Yep, the Harrington Squeeze effect! Love it!

  2. 123THERollyboy Says:

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  3. AwollSGF Says:

    “fold reads”?

    yeah… thats a phrase.

  4. samenzwering Says:

    Classic squeeze play, I like it a lot!

  5. BillaPunkSk8ter Says:

    thinking about getting a pair of these beats headphones. what do you think of them? any good, worth the money?

  6. MattiHayes1991 Says:

    great play and player keep it up

  7. sunmutsison Says:

    Thees explanations are really good. Im starting to getthe hang of poker and you sir have improved my game by your thought process. Thank you!

  8. dmdanimal Says:

    @theEVhero did you hear about Prahlads old strategy? he would donk every street and have a huge river bet to get crazy fold equity. eventually it backfired on him and everyone would just snap him off. always gotta adjust…

  9. Mathhness Says:

    Hey there are you living as a professional poker player? Watched some of your videos liked them all. I’m a NLHE 6max NL100 player + small stakes coach, if you’d like to maybe make some handreviews with me please pm me here on youtube, obv. for free :)

  10. ei8htyei8htcom Says:

    Middle set dahling. Not Bottom set. Well done you.

  11. johanfromsweden Says:

    Very good video! Thanks!

  12. nfaifa Says:

    Good video, I like the way you think. :)

  13. IEROEI Says:

    @theEVhero Yeah it dosent seem like it would be after I started usuing it. Thanks in advance!

  14. theEVhero Says:

    @lukessummerguitar thanks man, there’s alot to this simple game of poker :)

  15. theEVhero Says:

    @SQUi5HiiFiSH thanks man, you can bring your win rate up quick if you can read these spots well.

  16. theEVhero Says:

    @IEROEI I’ll see what I can do. Not as hard as you think

  17. theEVhero Says:

    @dmdanimal I see where you are coming from, maybe I’ll put up some examples where I donk with weak hands, not as exciting though because I tend to just take down the pot on the flop or turn.

  18. theEVhero Says:

    @SHIPIT01 I get what you’re saying about the A9s hand but if I brick and he double barrels it puts me in a spot that I most likely have to fold the turn. Or it allows him to pay off a river bet with a medium strength hand that checked the turn. I think check calling, check check turn and lead river puts my hand face up to a decent regular but I see what you are saying. I could be wrong.

  19. SHIPIT01 Says:

    Liked your Js line.
    Was not keen on the A9s hand BVBttn.You used the term turning your hand into a bluff alot in this video and to some extent your turning your hand into a bluff vs a decent player.(I was suprised he stacked off with his hand,maybe he leveled himself thinking you had the combo/flush/str8 draw wrap)
    I think your hand is good to float OOP vs a aggresive player if you add some value hands,OOP calls always seem strong and if he shuts down you can pretty much it take down most rivs

  20. LynchsLaw Says:

    @50Cent0313 Don’t go throwing around the word nit when you clearly are one yourself,when you get 3 bet you fold kings and wait for a better spot.As for those 1 and 2 cent games,I had to play them to help out staples and dosticles haha they needed help to beat those games hahaha and as for my sleepin pattern………………………………fuck my life

  21. dmdanimal Says:

    donking does usually look pretty weak based on my play on merge. on stars i have noticed more people leading strong top pairs + which causes problems when i have a medium strength hand and leads are often weakness. good times, pretty impossible to balance donking though. much easier to balance check raising.

  22. 50Cent0313 Says:

    @LynchsLaw listen dude I watched the videos on your channel, go back to your 1 and 2 cent blind games you filthy nit! And why are you posting comments on youtube at 6 in the morning? your sleeping pattern is worse then EV is. haha.

  23. LynchsLaw Says:

    @50Cent0313 Kissass… :P 

  24. James3zs Says:

    @IEROEI try the trial. I never really got into HEM so can’t tell you it’s super easy but PT3 is really good too and that comes with 2 month trial. Couldn’t really be more straightforward.

    Unless you mean interpreting the HUD?

  25. IEROEI Says:

    You should do a video explaining Hold’em manager. I am wanting to pick it up but it looks intimidating. :

  26. 50Cent0313 Says:

    Nice video. I really like the idea of leading out rather then check raising the c bet, defo seems that more often then not you will win a bigger pot. Keep up the videos!

  27. SQUi5HiiFiSH Says:

    i like your thought process on that QKs hand.

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