Happy Birthday SNSD Tiffany~August 1 2010

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My name is Rebecca Votta, and I directed, produced, edited, and lip synced. :) Hope you enjoy!!! This is a fan video I made because I love lady gaga. I’ve made many fun music videos but i decided to post this one. Justin Teichen ran the camera and Seth Dearmas did the lights. Alexa Shrock, Jade Philips, Abby Christain, Dave Allred, and Mike Mroch were my dancers.
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49 Responses to “Happy Birthday SNSD Tiffany~August 1 2010”

  1. chira00chira Says:

    Hey, it’s Gundam song… Kimi wa boku ni niteiru :D

  2. XmarouchaX Says:

    Hmm… Where is the begin music from ? O.O I know it but i can’t remember the name T_T !!
    Fannyyy <33 LOVE YOU !!! SNSD <3

  3. canastacio27 Says:


  4. ScandalFan060307 Says:

    @007toothpick @ramahab do u guys mean at the beginning? she’s crying because she missed her mom, that was after dear mom performance, as you know her mom already died..so sad..so she’s crying..as I remember she said like although you left me first but thank you for leaving me with 8 sisters :) hope that helps :D

  5. ramahab Says:

    Why was she crying?

  6. 007toothpick Says:

    Why was she crying?? I need to know.. Please someone..

  7. jolandhammy Says:

    I have the same birthday as Tiffany sooo yeah I’m the luckiest person ever :D

  8. soshifiedgurl Says:

    she talks a lot of language..i <3 tiffany! :D

  9. PurplenGold4Life Says:

    me too!! DBHS!!! :) graduating in about a month!!! CAN”T WAIT

  10. sniperscope7 Says:

    what show was 0:15??

  11. KpopHatter Says:

    @sweetbutcraZ Really? Lucky!!!!! She must have been the most beautiful girl there!

  12. AliceJaxerques Says:


  13. sweetbutcraZ Says:

    she went to my school!! :)

  14. Lton0 Says:


  15. xforgetenx Says:

    ~Dont cry,Fany~The most cute and pretty girl~Tiffany hwaiting~

  16. 2hard4lose Says:

    Tiffany So Pretty !! Love Her Very Much XD !!

  17. IIcreazyII Says:

    i loove her with all my soul!!.i really do!
    She’s soo awesome, i wish i could meet her some day…
    One day i’ll go to korea, so…let’s see!

  18. SNSDsupporter Says:

    @aris20598 The korean system is actually like this, at that moment that they were bored, their age already is 1, which meant that once the baby leaves its mother’s body, they’re counted as 1 year old. However, for Singapore, the baby need to be out of their mother’s body one year then its counted as 1 year old

  19. aris20598 Says:

    @inuyashainuyasha can you give a brief explanation how the korean system works. thanks!

  20. kikiursalone Says:

    love u Fany Unnie!!!! Thank you very much 4 da video!!!!!

  21. saraegyo Says:

    fanny is so prettyy..i used to hate her..but not anymoree..:)

  22. inuyashainuyasha Says:

    In North America, shes 21 but in the korean age system, shes 22 :)

  23. H3R0Cloud Says:

    Anyone know her persent age ?

  24. zwi12 Says:

    Gundam song..

  25. TheFunnynewz Says:

    My channel for “special” bad romance music video!

  26. sonyaeve1 Says:

    what camera di u use??? pls tell me : ), rly nice video btw

  27. TheAyoubaster Says:

    the guy who dance in the dark is hot !!

  28. eellssaa1 Says:


  29. twinkle16ify Says:

    that was amazing :)

  30. ilovehappy8 Says:

    great video :) 

  31. piguezapig Says:


  32. natalie2661994 Says:

    Ok, but I don’t understand the point of the video…

  33. killmesarah Says:

    Hmm. it was only ok. The camera work and editing were great, but I was disappointed at the lack of any Gaga-esque costumes. The backup “dancers” were bland and the whole video a little self-indulgent (especially with no one who looks like Gaga). Some comedy would have been nice, as well. =/

  34. darckomen69 Says:

    You are very nice girl :) and Good video ! but you look like Britney Spears not lady GAGA ! 

  35. 90draghetto Says:

    wonderfull…and the video it’s not bad XD

  36. thechorizotaco Says:

    you are hot as fuck

  37. ArnoldLayne87 Says:

    are you in film school? or is this something you just made for fun? It’s awsome, makes me wanna do something like this.

  38. marsbars1230 Says:

    final cut!

  39. 74MsJuju Says:

    wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D 

  40. buyatos Says:

    nice video, so creative

  41. sophiamaystouffer Says:

    @tayboe Time for you to get a life, Sweetheart. Quit flaming, and go get yourslef some friends, Dear Lord.

  42. tayboe Says:

    This is so fucking gay! who the hell are you? time to get a life

  43. potatochipsrus Says:

    @ijustlovemeganandliz if u wanna b a creep on pplz vids, maybe u shud get a life cuz ya shes pretty, but really what r u like 7? xactly

  44. Pimkiie29 Says:

    Cool x

  45. TheTekkenTech1 Says:

    I love the girls doing bad romance. way better then the guys.

  46. MuffelUNDPuffy Says:

    woooww thats AWESOME *.*
    You, guys, are GOOD! :]

    Take care.

  47. rosevanessa93 Says:

    best lady gaga bad romance video ever!
    awesome acting!!!!

  48. rosevanessa93 Says:

    best lady gaga bad romance video ever!!

    awesome acting!!!!

  49. rosevanessa93 Says:

    best lady gaga bad romance video ever!:)
    awesome acting!!!!

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