Gwen Stefani – What You Waiting For(Various Artists)[HD MUSIC VIDEO]

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Hey all!! SHOUT OUT TO TxBRiTNeYFaNxT for being my 400th subscriber!! & Thanks to everyone who subscribed to me!! Well, here’s the full “What You Waiting For” video. I used new artists… the new artists that I’ve NEVER used before are the following: BoA(Eat You Up, Energetic) HyunA(Change)…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Kenton Ridge Marching Cougar Band at the Massillon Band Show 2010. Selections include Fat Bottomed Girls, Crazy Little Thing Called Love, Any Way You Want It, Poker Face, Dont Stop Believin’, Dont Rain On my Parade
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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36 Responses to “Gwen Stefani – What You Waiting For(Various Artists)[HD MUSIC VIDEO]”

  1. sfxchris96 Says:

    @strictlyformyninja It’s BoA’s video for Energetic :)

  2. strictlyformyninja Says:

    Who is the girl at 3:26?? If anyone knows, please let me know, I will greatly appreciate it. ^_^

  3. KiraEvaSama Says:

    nice i rly liked it :D

  4. taschent Says:

    i love the britney parts :)

  5. lyryaa Says:

    @Mrblueh17. Two perd

  6. Mrblueh17 Says:

    Who can’t love this song!!!

  7. cwigkaaa Says:

    gut gemacht! ich steh ja mal garnet auf die spears, aber des video ist 1a!

  8. a777z789 Says:


  9. senrilanka Says:

    this is amazing

  10. PopMuzicFans Says:

    come a long way baby from 13700 xD wow amazing and it deserves every view, epic vid and i love it always, it reeks chris to me xD and when i first met u xD

  11. sfxchris96 Says:

    @TheNami128 yep

  12. TheNami128 Says:

    0:59 …4minute? :o 

  13. TheNami128 Says:

    @1995Focus lied: gwen stefani-what you waiting for

  14. Dragonforcerulz33 Says:

    That video was kick ass. Way cool! Loved the song and video!

  15. TheBuildabeargirl792 Says:

    Omg it’s Lady GaGa, Britney Spears, Hyuna from 4Minute and 4Minute

  16. 1995Focus Says:

    wer ist das bei 0:51 ??
    und wie heißt das lied ?

  17. Kaatje2009 Says:

    Britney is my favorite to!! :-D
    Very good video! I luv this song!!

  18. sfxchris96 Says:

    @liebeskummer23 she’s my favorite =)

  19. sfxchris96 Says:

    @britneylina omg really :O?!?! ty so much!!! i still love this song <3

  20. britneylina Says:

    lol i remember how i heard this song when i was 8 or 9 nd i was a huge fan of it xD
    anyways, incredible video*-*
    just inspired to make my own video to this song xD

  21. lakisha787 Says:

    @famemachinelover1985 (Y)

  22. davidharajukux Says:

    alguien tiene What You Waiting For? en HD????? me gusta mucho ese video please

  23. SorywegenforhiN Says:

    @niggelmania95 und geiles deutsch

  24. angel53912 Says:

    great job i like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. niggelmania95 Says:

    Geiles lied und geiler ass

  26. ShiftyBandit214 Says:

    I think this was the most anticipation I ever had during a show.

  27. JFMello1116 Says:

    One of the most musical show bands I’ve heard; more than just balls-out volume, you guys have restraint. Absolutely fantastic.

  28. lilsamhub2 Says:

    we look awesome XD

  29. xmanetw Says:

    I’m in there but one of the alternates, not anymore!!!

  30. aDUDE11 Says:

    301 are pimps

  31. NurseAngelRN1 Says:

    It was amazing to see all the schools there. I may be biased but I think our Cougars are the absolute best around! Great job Nick (trombone) and the rest of the band!!!

  32. WOLF167h Says:

    My boy is out there, playing the TUBA! Go Tyler!!!

  33. brwirth Says:

    Great show KR Band! Thanks for some great music & great memories of Da Band.

  34. compfreak09 Says:

    Great Job guys!!! Sounds fantastic!! :)

  35. whutabamf Says:

    incredible job guys! :)

  36. WiseOwl14 Says:

    I still remember when I marched at Massillon with the KR band back in 2007… one of my favorite band memories. To current members: I hope you had the time of your life! The band looks and sounds amazing, T… I wish I could come back and march again! :) <3, Emma Kuisma

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