Guy Loses Car In Epic Poker Hand ( – Ep. 11)

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Phil Hellmuth vs. Cristian Dragomir at the 2008 World Series of Poker Main Event.
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50 Responses to “Guy Loses Car In Epic Poker Hand ( – Ep. 11)”

  1. gabrielx2games Says:


  2. jakerhymeswithsnake Says:

    …if i was potentially losing a car..and i got 4 of a kind on the River i think i would do ALOT more then put a tie on my head. i’d literally probably shit and wet myself at the same time.

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  5. brickerproductions Says:

    isnt that i drink your milkshake thing from one of spastikchuwawwa’s videoes

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  7. ElevationLowJJ Says:

    Looks like a planned job.

  8. Theninja347 Says:

    Even though it could be fake, it’s awesome :o

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  11. OutOfMyMind469 Says:


  12. eth92 Says:

    If I played poker with you guys you’d take my Xbox 360, my computer, my favorite jacket, Red Dead Redemtion video game, my boots…. Well you get the idea, but yeah, I’ll never win >:3

  13. Graffeetee21 Says:

    lmaooo, sucks for that guy

  14. RobbyJ88 Says:

    I love it!!!

  15. tinyfeet101 Says:

    why did that king have to come up… kill myself

  16. Firstmenotyou Says:

    @Musicmatttheonly1 Yes it does my sir… yes it does…

  17. Firstmenotyou Says:

    Either this is just a really rare video, or its fake… but I believe its real

  18. DeadOrton Says:

    all in, fearless! haha

  19. foxcub156 Says:

    @KrikeTube7 u r a lyrical fool my friend. a lyrical magician. THUMBS UP

  20. hiyome123 Says:

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  21. gabrielx2games Says:

    ‘I drank your milkshake’ Thats going to be rmembered on the internet for evar.

  22. matt507 Says:

    fake…but funny haha

  23. mahmoud1995 Says:

    LOL best ad to Recycle ever ,, keep it up… and to anyone who thinks its fake… IT IS … IT WAS AN Ad to RECYCLE!

  24. mahmoud1995 Says:

    @justncase80 it was an ad dumb ass

  25. sonny0jim Says:

    @justncase80 of course its fake, its a episode or a seiries, or soemthing like that, but ye, its still so damned funny

  26. clockmover Says:


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  28. FlowGodz Says:

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  30. alexandregareau Says:

    lol at the last thing hellmuth says… sad person

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  34. Hybridlife Says:

    @travrosty He is nicknamed The Poker Brat.

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  37. d9v4t7x9p6g Says:

    In my opinion whenever somebody doesn’t play textbook poker and wins playing against him, He calls them an idiot. I think he’s getting a little old to be like this.

  38. Deceptivewrath Says:

    Hellmuth is a terrific poker player, but I can’t stand him for this kinda shit.

  39. luebbers03 Says:

    He wanted to pump you up because he liked you… only mike

  40. travrosty Says:

    hellmuth is mad because someone else doesnt play poker the way hellmuth wants, so hellmuth can win. what a brat!

  41. Josephysky Says:

    “I am an idiot with stack. You don’t have a stack”

  42. MagicManICT Says:

    Man… who here doesn’t realize that this has been Hellmuth’s schtick. It’s all an act. it’s all it has ever been. Everyone finally figured it out in the last couple of years and he hasn’t performed worth a crap because he can’t intimidate anyone anymore. Now he’s trying to change it. (I’m not sure he’s doing very well, though.)

  43. KwNJn1 Says:


  44. Reach1335 Says:

    if mike tells you your outta line, you prolly are and should just shutup.

  45. jleack Says:

    Hellmuth is a piece of crap.

  46. fenwhack Says:

    The Table’s reaction when Cristian throws down his 10-4 is priceless.

  47. TheEverettRyan Says:

    I can see why he’s pissed off. But he should of shut up

  48. TheEverettRyan Says:


    hurt? maybe by a numbskull that has no self control. Adults walk away or turn the other cheek, like the dude did to phil

  49. rageage5fifteen Says:

    Hes right, hes an idiot.

  50. mrREDBIRDFAN Says:

    Sit down big cry baby. You lost

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