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www.mmacandy.com Gogoplata – Girl Fight – MMA Candy

Antler (City) [Interlude] / Boys Boys Boys / Paper Gangsta / Poker Face / Manifesto Of Little Monsters [Interlude] Montreal Canada Bell Centre Toronto Air Canada Centre Ottawa Scotiabank Place Boston United States Wang Center Camden Susquehanna Bank Center Vancouver Canada Queen Elizabeth…
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23 Responses to “Gogoplata – UFC- Girl Fight – MMA Candy”

  1. Chevalier765 Says:

    Is it a choke or a shoulder lock?

  2. mmacandy Says:


    Thanks so much!!!!!!

  3. mmacandy Says:


    Thanks so much for checking us out!!!!!!

  4. MrBawou Says:

    Great technique girls !!

  5. uafc1 Says:

    I’m learning so much with these vids :)

  6. chakijzftw Says:

    a great explanation, thanks.

  7. TrueDominguez Says:

    you need 2 teach me

  8. AmaZynBackpacK22 Says:

    good video

  9. tuknowquien Says:

    I just don’t like her male dancers…

  10. LoughieSquarepants Says:

    @mouseyaup cause theyres a huge seethrough curtin

  11. TomatoeSoupLuv Says:

    I wish she hadn’t autotuned. I get why she did, but her real voice is so much more spectacular in it’s natural state.

  12. vicioprofesional10 Says:

    don’t want no paper gangsta!!!

  13. whynotloser Says:

    @mouseyaup yeah its true in 2.0 she talks way way more! she said she didnt used to be brave but we have made her brave ;D love her grammys tonight <333

  14. RageOfAngels88 Says:

    @faysalaaa1 you’re so welcome and ty for uploading all these vids n taking the time out to make them for us little monsters! Momma would be proud. ILY little monster!

  15. RageOfAngels88 Says:

    @keyyeygermanotta I know right? I was for fucks sure! and @mouseyaup I think they’re both good in their own individual ways. 2.0 is more personal and she does talk to us a lot more, but 1.0 is killer dance and coreogrhphy and amazing it its own right! SHOUT OUT TO MY MONSTER FAMILY all u gorgeous sluts, whores and monsters! ILY GAGA!

  16. kelleygermanotta Says:

    how can you not dance listening to Put Your Paws Up Interlude

  17. boxide350 Says:

    you know what this part lacks. TELEPHONE!!!!!!

  18. NewMoonG14201 Says:

    wtf, y gaga so pale?
    wtf, her hat falls off, then it’s back on?

  19. doyliesandtea Says:

    @mouseyaup I completely agree. I feel like as time went on, she became more comfortable with who she was, with her little monster, and what she actually wanted the Monster Ball to be. As far as I’m concerned, it only gets better and better.

  20. mouseyaup Says:

    Is it just me or do you think that the Monster Ball 2.0 is better tham the 1.0? Because the crowd seems dead and in the 1.0 she doesnt really… Talk to us like she does in the 2.0. Just my opinion.

  21. maxamillion700 Says:

    i like this one better than the older one

  22. FizzySherbet Says:

    What editor do you use?

  23. ModelofLucifer Says:

    soo cool <3
    I love this autotunes part so much!

    I like ur new version alot<3<3<3
    they are very good and i know that movie maker is a bitch ;)

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