Glossary of Poker Terms Pt. 5

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Glossary of Poker Terms Pt. 5


Tell: A subconscious physical movement made by a player which signals hand strength to other players. “Whenever he picks up a big hand, he farts. It’s the worst tell in the world.”

Tight: This is an adjective referring to a play or player which is especially strict concerning hand requirements. A tight player is a player who only plays in a few hands. Tight refers to holding on tightly to chips. “Once he raised, I folded – the guy was just so tight I knew he had something.” NOTE: Tight is often used in tandem with “passive” or “aggressive” to define a player’s basic gaming strategy. So a tight-passive player is a player who is not involved in many hands (tight) and does not often bet (passive.)

Top Pair: The highest possible pair on any given Board. “Flop came K J 6 and I was holding AK, so I had top pair.”

Tre or Tray: A three. “Tray on the flop means almost nothing.”

The Turn or Fourth Street: The fourth community card which comes after a round of betting on the flop. “The turn came a Jack so he could have made his straight.”

Trap or Slow Play: To pretend to have a weak hand when you actually have a strong one in order to induce your opponent to bet first and fall into your “trap.” “Once I flopped quads, I figured I would slow play and trap.”

Turbo-Blinds: Turbo-blinds are blinds in a tournament which go up in stakes more quickly then they normally would. “Those turbo-blinds are a headache to deal with.”

Undercards: Cards which are less than other cards; undercards are the opposite of overcards. “I was toast, all I had was undercards.”

Underpair: A pair which is less than another pair; an underpair is the opposite of an overpair. “Underpairs suck.”

Whamboozled: This is a term popularized by WSOP broadcaster, Norman Chad, and refers to any player who has just been knocked out of a tournament. “Fossilman is drawing to an Ace otherwise he will be whamboozled.”

The Wheel: An Ace, 2, 3, 4, 5 straight which is unsuited. “I love finding the wheel in Razz.”

Wired or, Pocket blank: Whenever anyone says that they have pocket sixes or wired sixes then they are saying that they have two facedown sixes. If they say that they have pocket Jacks or wired Jacks, then they have two Jacks. If they say they have pocket twos or wired twos… and so on and so forth. “I folded because I only had pocket fours.”

Wrap Around Straight Draw: To have 5 sequential cards but no straight yet. A wrap around draw is only possible in Omaha and has a lot of outs. “I was holding 8 10 Q 4 and when the flop came 9 J 6 I could make a straight with a 7, 8, 10, Queen or King.”

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