Glossary of Poker Terms Pt. 2

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Glossary of Poker Terms Pt. 2

Sometimes poker players seem to be speaking in a different language. Here is a list of commonly used poker slang and terminology beginning with letters C – E so you can get acquainted with what players are actually saying.

Calling Station: A calling station is a player who calls (rather than raise, bet or fold) unusually often. They are considered to be the worst type of players. “I love playing with calling stations.”

Call-me bet or Sucker bet: This is a very small bet which seems to cry out to the opponent “Call me.” It is made when a player has a very strong hand and wants to be called. “He bet on the river, how could I not call?”

Card Rack, Rack or Rush: When a player picks up a number of premium hands in a short period of time they are said to be a card rack, a rack, or on a rush. “He raised 12 hands in a row, he was just on a great rush.”

Check-raise: A check-raise is a high profile poker move where a player first checks then raises when someone bets. It is considered to be the strongest move in poker. “I had him trapped so I check-raised a sucker bet and had him priced in.”

Cold Deck: A single hand with several different players all possessing unusually strong cards. It is said to be a cold deck because poker cheats have been known to replace a live deck with an illegitimate pre-arranged “cold” deck to trick other players. “I had a full house, the lucky idiot had four-of-a-kind! How am I going to fold?! What a cold deck!”

Community Cards: These are cards that are put face up on the table and belong to everyone still in the hand at once. “I don’t like Hold’em because it becomes too inexact with all of those community cards.”

Computer Hand: The Queen-7 is referred to as the “computer hand” because it is mathematically the hand with the most average pre-flop strength in Texas Hold’em. “I usually call with anything better than the computer hand from the big blind.”

Cowboys: A pocket pair of Kings. I don’t know the epistemology behind “cowboys” but Kings are called cowboys just the same. “I love to look down and see cowboys.”

Crack Aces: Whenever you have beaten someone holding pocket Aces you are said to have “cracked Aces.” “Sure I lost the tournament, but I was holding Aces, sometimes they just get cracked.”

Dead Man’s Hand: A pair of Aces and a pair of eights to make two pair. This is referred to as the Dead Man’s Hand because Wild Bill Hickok was holding it when he was shot dead at the poker table. “I’ve made a lot of money with the Dead Man’s Hand, I don’t get what all the fuss is about.”

Defender or Protector: This is a player who calls most raises when he or she is a blind. They are said to be defending or protecting their chips which have already gone into the pot. “Phil Ivey is a famous defender.”

Deuce or Duck: A two. “Deuce on the flop means nothing.”

Dime: A dime is a ,000 chip. “I’ve only ever bet a dime in a tournament.”

The Dolly Parton: 9-5 in the Hole. This nickname stems from Dolly’s song “Working nine to five.” “How does Dolly Parton have a poker hand named after her?”

Donkey: A bad player is referred to as a donkey. “The guy was such a donkey he called me with middle pair.”

Double Belly Buster Straight Draw: To have two inside straight draws simultaneously. “I was holding 4-5 and by the time we got around to the river the Board read A 2 7 8. I was looking for a 3 or a 6.”

The Doyle Brunson: The Doyle Brunson is an unsuited 10-2. It is called the Doyle Brunson because Doyle won two consecutive WSOP Main Events holding 10-2. “I love Doyle Brunson but I hate Doyle Brunsons.”

Drawing Dead: When a player has no outs which could come to make a winning hand, they are said to be drawing dead. “Turn paired the board and I was drawing dead.”

Early Position: Players who are amongst the first to act post-flop are said to be in early position. “Early position is the best position to bluff from.”

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