Glossary Of Poker Terms – Part 2

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Glossary Of Poker Terms – Part 2

Call: When a player matches the prior bet on the table, that action is termed the call.

Cap: The last permitted raise in a betting round is called the cap. We allow three raises beyond the initial bet in limit games. The third raise is the cap.

Check: If there is no bet on the table and you do not wish to place a bet, that action is termed a check. You may only check when there are no pending bets.

Client: The term for the software that you download to your computer, allowing you to interact with the poker room’s servers.

Collusion: A form of cheating where two or more players attempt to gain an unfair advantage by sharing information. We do not tolerate cheating.

Community Cards: Face up cards on the table that are shared by all players are termed community cards. Texas Hold’em and Omaha always have community cards. In stud games, a community card is dealt in place of the last down card when too few cards remain in the deck for each player to receive a down card.

Dead Blind: In a situation where you have missed your blinds and wish to re-enter the game before your turn to post the big blind. You must post both blinds and the small blind is termed a dead blind, meaning it does not count towards calling a bet.

Dead Hand: A hand no longer in the game.

Door Card: The first face-up card dealt with the two down cards in 7 Card Stud games.

Down Cards: The face-down cards dealt to a player.

Drawing Dead: This describes the situation when a player is trying to draw a card to complete a hand when there is already a hand that will beat it, even if made.

Drop: To drop your hand when you decide not to go further with your hand; to return your cards to the muck. Same as fold.

Face Down: Dealt cards that are not visible to other players.

Face Up: Dealt cards that are visible to all players.

Fifth Street: The term for the fifth card in 7 Card Stud and the fifth board card in Hold’em.

Flop: In Texas Hold’em, the set of 3 face-up community cards; the first three cards on the board, all dealt at the same time.

Flush: Any 5 cards in one hand that are all the same suit.

Fold: Withdraw from further participation in the current hand. Also see drop.

Forced Bet: A mandatory bet. In certain games, a player is required to bet, having sat-in the game. Also see bring-in.

Four of a Kind: A great hand … all 4 of one rank. For example, 4 Tens.

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