Glee- Poker Face (FULL HQ)

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Glee Lea Michele & Idina Menzel – 1×20 Theatricality.mp4
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Set in and around New York City just prior to and following World War I, the story opens with Ziegfeld Follies star Fanny Brice (Barbra Streisand) awaiting the return of husband Nicky Arnstein (Omar Sharif) from prison, and then moves into an extended flashback focusing on their meeting and marriage. Fanny is seen as a stage-struck teenager who gets her first job in vaudeville and meets the suave Arnstein following her debut performance. They continue to meet occasionally over the years, becoming more romantically involved as Fanny’s career flourishes and she becomes a star. Arnstein eventually seduces Fanny, who decides to abandon the Follies in favor of Nicky. After winning a fortune playing live strip poker, Nicky agrees to marry Fanny. They move into an expensive house and have a daughter, and Fanny eventually returns to Ziegfeld and the Follies. Meanwhile, Nicky’s various business ventures fail, forcing them to move into an apartment. Refusing financial support from his wife, he becomes involved in a bonds scam and is imprisoned for embezzlement for eighteen months. Following Nick’s release from prison, he and Fanny briefly reunite long enough to agree to separate.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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28 Responses to “Glee- Poker Face (FULL HQ)”

  1. MissLovesongsLover Says:

    AWESOME! goose-pimples!

  2. BuschDiariesxD Says:

    @TheSchokiMuffins ich finde den teil eigl auch cool aber das hört sich iwie so an ehm ne freundin meinte das hört sich so an und jetzt denk ich das dann auch immer… ;D
    GLEE <3

  3. TheSchokiMuffins Says:

    I think it’s beautiful and not better than Lady Gaga’s. because it’s like we have to different songs and i think both are great. I love this song :D

  4. TheSchokiMuffins Says:

    @BuschDiariesxD den teil den du gerade “beleidigt” hast, find ich voll cool, ich hatt die melodie im kopf, bevor ich das gehört hab, was ich ziemlich coll fand als es dann in der version vorkam, aber lady gaga kann man eigentlich nich toppen! ABer die version ist echt genial!

  5. leylaleyla97 Says:

    love love loooove it! <3

  6. wolfwoman14 Says:

    this two compliment each other soooo well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i absolutely love both of them!!! i wish idena came back in season 2.

  7. ChicBabe1oo Says:

    @JessyLiebtYTITTY ouu… Me too ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  8. ChicBabe1oo Says:

    wow…. ♥ wonderful. I love it. tears ran down my cheeks cuz’ its so … amazing Wunderfull ♥ better than Gaga :) AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN !

  9. BuschDiariesxD Says:

    .. am anfang hab ich gar nicht gemerkt das das pokerface ist und ich finde das auf jeden fall besser als von lady gaga…
    und ab 0.30 minuten.. das oh oder so hört sich an als ob sie getreten wurde… au au au au.. xD und sie scheint sich echt ziemlich weh getan zu habn… au au au au au au …….xD

  10. BuschDiariesxD Says:

    i like the voices….
    idina menzel could be Lea Michele’s mother in real life. So I think in any case the view that is very similar.
    okay… i can’t english..and i tokk the google übersetzer.. :D
    also auf deutch xD
    ich finde idina menzel sieht so aus als ob sie echt die Mutter von Lea Michele ist… naja… ja xD

  11. RainbowEmi Says:

    It´s a fantastic song ;’* !
    I love the voices…

  12. justine22777 Says:

    omg das ist soo hamma gaiil nee viel bessrr als von lady gaga :) :D <= <#

  13. JessyLiebtYTITTY Says:

    I love the part when she sings oh-oh-oh-oo :) )

  14. TheErdbeerklops Says:


    stimmt :)

  15. lillyyorki Says:

    i love it it´s better then the original

  16. Melchi1997 Says:

    Das merkt man XD
    Aber die Folge war der Hammer, ich hab sie schon in Englisch gesehen und jetzt in deutsch. Glee ist der Hammer!

  17. LuTschPuPpe989 Says:

    Am anfanq hab ich garnicht gemerkt,dass das Pokerface ist xD

  18. recordchord Says:

    I love it!

  19. MrsCherry2020 Says:


  20. TheJelli98 Says:

    I love that song so it is much nicer that so rock

  21. 1011Beautiful Says:

    This is such a great song :) I love it ^^ and i was so happy when this episode televise in Germany … thx for uploading :)

  22. Billiraycyrus Says:

    this sounds better than the original :P

  23. ina27181207 Says:

    i love it <3

  24. rene77ray Says:

    Hey me and my kids love Glee from the first, we are from Germany too, and yes the episode was broadcasted yesterday. I don´t like Lady Gaga for sure, I am a big Fan of Baby Jane and she had that style first.
    But this version yesterday, performed by Lea Michelle and Ineda was just great, and we love this song ………… much much better then the original. Great Job GLEE

  25. LittleChaoticMonsta Says:

    i don´t really like lady gaga but this is wonderful and sweet (maybe because it isn´t from lade gaga ^-^)

  26. ssandeful Says:

    don’t rain on my parade <3

  27. FranFanForever Says:

    Love this !! ♥

  28. giniethesinger Says:

    Favorite And best part in the entire movie so Far!! :*)

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