Glee! Hot Dogs! IMG! 9

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Glee GQ Photoshoot, Legos, and so much more. SUBMIT YOUR OWN And View Others’ submissions: Spacebar: Hotdog Catch: Taco-Baby Costume: Cats Dancing: Glee GQ Pictures: Lego Chest Sculpture: Legos For Adults: 14 Scary Goats: Love/Hate Shirt: Tiger Face Body Paint: On a Horse: Poker Face .gif: Girls Tranforms into Jared Leto: RPG Flow Chart link: Never-ending zoom link: Hitchcock: North America = Dragon via Kobi Levi High Heels: Cat Danger .gif: Zach Bikini Pics:

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25 Responses to “Glee! Hot Dogs! IMG! 9”

  1. Rhapsody17 Says:


    It consists out of 3 girls actually :)

  2. barbieninja100 Says:

    the optical ollusion is that at the end of the tiger nose is uhhh 8008s (if you know what i mean)

  3. JoshGoldie Says:

    BECAUSE THE ASTROUNAUGHT IS DRINKING ON THE “SPACE” bar! it took me like a week to get that…. wow..

  4. kodred996 Says:


  5. multioffallboy Says:

    i am looking at the tiger but i ca’t se it :S

  6. furygoalbrtis39 Says:


  7. Thespartan117992 Says:

    when i get a wife, i’m gettin her the slingshot high heels

  8. MrSoftasRock Says:

    What else is the tiger?

  9. FaliggetFTW Says:

    What am I missing with the tiger illusion?

  10. FUUUUUUUUUable Says:

    bewbs at end of zoom thing!!!!!!!!

  11. Pwnage195 Says:


  12. razokevX Says:

    LOL is that really made out of legos? cux it looks so cool

  13. Cretana17 Says:

    the chick at 1:00 turns into Jared Leto

  14. lemonzing234 Says:

    @StealthTroops yes. YES. YES!!!!

  15. berkleypuff35 Says:

    taco baby!!!!!!!!1!!1!?!!111 one O_____0

  16. waffleninjaturtles Says:

    Is it wierd that i only see the naked lady..

  17. waffleninjaturtles Says:

    like for kitty crotch grab 0_0

  18. HEYYitsMEyou Says:

    baby tacco

  19. RemeZZZZ Says:

    lol this video gets stuck at 1:37 :S

  20. 8nonEmus Says:

    0:02 oh i get it!

  21. SuperStella6 Says:

    0:11 is from glee

  22. greenhornet207 Says:

    1:15 its lie……there are 88 images on that game so in the image 87 it return to the first image

  23. bbblaesing Says:

    that cat is fat

  24. YTF00CKR Says:

    Why is this vid flagged?! Fuckin morons…

  25. zmarsella Says:

    really some fag really flag this what a fuckin loser

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