Girl's Day Flash Mob performance dance

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Girl’s Day Flash Mob performance dance
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25 Responses to “Girl's Day Flash Mob performance dance”

  1. MikoHimiv3 Says:

    @IsabelBlue1 yup

  2. IsabelBlue1 Says:

    I don’t mean to be an idiot but are these girls, Girls Day?

  3. DandilionSouls Says:

    I think she’s in the black jacket and jeans.

  4. DandilionSouls Says:

    flash mobs are so cool!

  5. geoffXx08 Says:

    @vannhily doesn’t really matter..they’ll build more flesh as they grow and as they dance..

  6. JinxG8 Says:

    @loveabadgirl the one with jeans and black jacket ^^

  7. loveabadgirl Says:

    where’s MinAh

  8. AebLovesFood Says:

    First song: GET IT OUT ME by Janet Jackson
    2nd: SO OVER YOU by Ashanti
    3rd: Poker Face by Lady Gaga :)

  9. MiinSung Says:

    Who’s the girl with the purple t-shirt ?

  10. itseffinsexxitime Says:

    @YouGotAPinkBow i think it actually is..i can see the maknae and minah

  11. redfoot21 Says:

    what’s the song which plays right before poker face?

  12. pastrylover206 Says:

    minah is hot!

  13. Tim211303 Says:

    can someone tell me wat sog in the video :D

  14. TwilightFreaksta Says:

    Wah ! SO Badass How They Just Walk Off … LOVE Them , FREAKIN Amazing !
    Felt SAD For The Audience Though … Clearly They Wanted More ..

  15. JettDucket Says:

    Damn asians.

  16. LordEd1 Says:

    Great sound quality! thanks for the upload, this is great to watch.

  17. YouGotAPinkBow Says:

    Wait, no, that is Girl’s Day! Wooow, before their debut…

  18. YouGotAPinkBow Says:

    That’s not Girl’s Day?? But very good job :D

  19. DanteSitwell Says:

    ANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNND they went with the aegyo

  20. JainLinsiXartvey Says:


  21. HardNotTo Says:

    you call that a mob? maybe an orgy, but not a mob

  22. HardNotTo Says:

    man, you could have shot the video a little better

  23. gtyu765ify Says:

    not too bad :)

  24. lovecrazylove97 Says:

    Waaaa. Girl’s Day really did quite a number of flash mob before debut…. I’m impressed. :D

  25. naverra Says:

    why the lady gaga song one of them didnt join in?

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