Girls Aloud – Long Hot Summer (Kimberley Walsh Edit)

June 01, 2011 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Video

These are Kimberley’s smoking hot, unbelievably sexy and incredibly teasing best bits from Long Hot Summer. Do Enjoy Our Edited Version ;)

Watch Erica play strip live strip poker before she was famous. You can watch the conclusion where she bares it all at
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9 Responses to “Girls Aloud – Long Hot Summer (Kimberley Walsh Edit)”

  1. Babeluver84 Says:

    Fantastic! Thank you!

  2. MotorheadFan1803 Says:

    kimberley walsh has the best bum ever kim kardashian can bugger off with her fake ass implants.

  3. SuperAbhi97 Says:


  4. pokeriotevas Says:

    I would pay to be the dealer for this show !

  5. cmichael67 Says:

    holy crap those announcers sound like they’re in a tin can

  6. meiksm Says:

    she is suited…but not for long. hahahahhahaha

  7. rub3nski Says:

    she CALLED!!! show em now

  8. tsenamaster Says:

    Man I wish Erica S. would lay on top of me and have her boobies on my face

  9. pasztecik08 Says:

    where’s the part 2?!

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