[Gil x Ada] I'm A Big Boy You're A Girl Now

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Usually I don’t really like this couple, but the song told me to make a vidoe for them. It killed me to render it…4 hours..Thank god there aren’t any mistakes. :3 Song[Big Boy, Big Girl Now] Artist[New Kids On The Block ft Lady Gaga]

CBS interview with an amazing man, and an amazing story. Thumbs up if you like it! :) Rights belong to CBS!
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50 Responses to “[Gil x Ada] I'm A Big Boy You're A Girl Now”

  1. iSugarHeart Says:

    mmmmm <3 this one great job :D

  2. 944ms Says:

    I LOVE IT! Gil needs a nice girl.Cool song!:)

  3. xKlukla Says:

    AAAAAAAAAHHHHH! 1:22-1:26
    Oh my jesus. *//*
    Gil, you’re lookin’ mighty delcious~.

  4. ThePunkPixieIsMad Says:

    how did her tits get bigger than alice’s, maybe thats what puts Gil off.

  5. XecodaSempai Says:

    the one dislike is any of the other characters in Pandora Hearts XD just think about it Alice likes gil (from what i know of)… oz and uncle Oscar shall kill gil just because he is going behind their backs XD… Chester is jealous because Alice’s mind is distracted. and Sharon will go all fan-girl like she always does XD and break? he will just cause all hell ^_^ who am i forgetting? hmmmm OH and just about any fan-girl of gil and any fan-boy of ada XDXDXD

  6. HarvestCristal Says:

    i kinda like this pairing, they actually have history and they are friends, and ada is a girl that gil dont have nothing against with xD (girls that gil has something ainst with….alice,lotty, zwei) well sharon and echo…..no they are young, yep ada is the winner! XD

  7. Everliferulz7769 Says:

    I love this pairing! It needs moar luv D:

  8. SakuraKagamine Says:

    :3 Love it!! Its sad that there r so few videos of this amazing couple.. :(

  9. MysteriousNekko Says:

    @tifalady005 In the description

  10. tifalady005 Says:

    cute video
    but whats the name of teh song?

  11. Mozakyy Says:

    ada and gill is really sexy

  12. DokuroEmily Says:

    3 things I’ve realised today…
    1. I just realised Gil was THIS CUTE 0////0
    2.I can’t stop watching this video
    3.I got exams tomorrow

  13. winryheart1 Says:

    i love gil so much <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 ^-^

  14. zwinky222 Says:

    I love this vid soooo much i wish it was longer ♥ keep up the good work, i love it all ;D

  15. HellaRima Says:


  16. TotalAlias Says:

    lol I can see how the song really fits. Half the time I didn’t know whether to be cross because I really dislike this pairing or laugh because you made it so well.

    LMAO this was amusing. In a good way

  17. aliceisha2 Says:

    i think you need to make a [Jack x Alice] I’m A Big Boy You’re A Girl Now

  18. loki06able Says:

    @dukesakiyama why?? this sople is sooooooooo cute!!!

  19. JolittaSama Says:

    My favourite couple in Pandora <3!!! I love 0:57-1:04 <3

  20. Mochiengland Says:

    <3 this is amazing! :o
    you need to teach me how to render so my videos don't suck~

  21. Shuichithebroken Says:

    <333 Waaannnt x3
    I adore this :3

  22. jazminespeonLPS Says:

    Mostrar forma romanizada
    I’m great and I hope em aya second season of this series and quedenfelisez ada gil and always x

  23. dukesakiyama Says:

    i hate this couple, jejeje

  24. JmoneysGurl Says:

    THE SONG TOLD ME TODO IT. I know that feeling. I loved it! So badass. :3

  25. TheVampireSkittles Says:

    xDDDD that was awesome, and i still need to make a video introducing you o3o i got caught up with school and my fandubing that i forgot to, but i did tell most of the memebers

  26. TheMuyoma Says:

    this what makes America great!!!

  27. toONAfy Says:

    singing pipes

  28. vibboy32 Says:


  29. JimiPlaysWoodstock Says:

    Yes Sir!

  30. siegrain8253 Says:

    w0w!..awesome!…tnx God..

  31. feliesa91 Says:

    @tsutajafan13 lungs i believe.

  32. Macadammia Says:

    Teds lought 2:56. Thats the real sarcasm

  33. xxb0yw0nderxx Says:

    Praise GOD !!!!!!!

  34. garciabros956 Says:

    is this the president’s brother

  35. Jorgeaj55 Says:

    hes been homeless and he knows abaut susan boyle

  36. DMO9289 Says:

    he looks like obama

  37. MrThatguynamedchris1 Says:

    @FemaleSingle7383 No not just you, Makes sense

  38. penginandtwoof Says:

    As I have said. I was hacked. My apologies to anyone this might have offended.

  39. JAMG50 Says:

    el primo de obama

  40. Iamgasmask Says:

    Absolutely amazing, what an awesome story.

  41. bigredmatkowski Says:

    And now he’s back to drinking and drugs alright Ted!

  42. EsteeDarla Says:

    God is Good, I am so glad he got this chance like he said he has more appreciate for life now than way back when,We all live learn mistakes are Lifes lessons

  43. snooky396 Says:

    He kinda looks like Obama.

  44. JoyceLicorish Says:

    Im happy he got a shot. There are so many people out here who go through life never getting a break like this. I have been called the woman with the golden voice by some… and have been SOOO CLOSE to making it on so many occasions but never quite get there. Im soliciting your help, can you check out my videos, leave a comment and let me know what you think of my voice? Subscribe if you like what you hear I will return the favor. CK OUT MY ARETHA TRIBUTE!

  45. HESSA1411 Says:

    Ted Williams your voice is a miracle

  46. mannysal1111 Says:

    GOD is happy, prayer mom prayers

  47. timofly Says:

    God is Good, All the time, All the time, God is Good.
    No matter where you are in you’re life, how bad or how good it may be, that’s still the truth.

  48. hlgclutchy Says:

    10 people don”t know a miracle when it slaps them in the face

  49. doluck2100 Says:

    @BigRed4900 my mom said he looks like an old obama

  50. judgeo567 Says:

    @videosjalcocer lol wtf? just cause he says that god gave him this and that don’t make him right lol

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