Getting Ready For Bed

July 23, 2011 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Video twitter profile http istardom.comnamed Stella TOP TEN INTERNET MODEL 2008 Stella is back and asking you to join her. Stella also has lots of new pictures and video, but because Youtube is so picky, you will have to go to her web site and her web site store to see them. Be sure to check back from time to time as they will be updated. Except for not being able to notify her fans the timing couldn’t be better. Stella completed shooting a pilot that has been tentatively (nothing is certain until it is on the air) picked up for February 2010 air date and she has a regular recurring role. Of course there were the usual parties and red carpet events to keep her busy too. it has been a long time. The last time Stella posted a video that wasn’t banned Michael Jackson and Ted Kennedy were alive, the Lockerbee bomber was in prison, people still had their Clunkers, and the dow jones was under 7000. Stella grew up outside Boston, though she moved to West Palm Beach at an early age. She won her first beauty pageant there, and was given a glimpse of the land of beaches and land of trump near worth avenue. She was treated to trips to Dubai, Aruba, Bermuda, Cancun, Jamaica, Cabo San Lucas, Paris and Punta Cana as well as the places in the USA such as Las Vegas, Myrtle Beach, Chicago, New York, Washington, Key West, Atlanta and even Niagra Falls. Her dream was to go to Los Angeles and Beverly Hills for a shot at Hollywood stardom. She wanted to go to the Ivy and see
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18 Responses to “Getting Ready For Bed”

  1. Chatterb48 Says:

    For me, it’s a GiANT TUB of ice cream.
    LOL, jk I’m not a fatass(:

  2. haahfunny Says:

    I like taco bell!

  3. stellastewart Says:

    You are so sweet.

  4. MrWillydoit Says:

    The search for the perfect woman has ended

  5. ibstarmagic Says:

    Bell Taco..hmmm, now that made me hungry.

  6. DanBell47 Says:

    Ha Ha Ha!!!!!!!! Don’t forget the nachos!!!

  7. SpongTwo Says:

    I’ve never had a taco! :-(

  8. kirwill Says:

    Great video Stella! Love your sexy black mini-dress too!

  9. giglokinproductions Says:

    lol. haha, taco’s always satisfy a midnight craving, lol. and haha, you like it hard….LMAO.

  10. stellastewart Says:

    hard lol

  11. stellastewart Says:

    DELL Taco (must be your brother)

  12. JenniferTomkins Says:

    hard or soft tacos?

  13. GeorgenotSmith Says:

    Bell Taco? How did you know my birth name?

    I’ll be right over to tuck you in & kiss you good night.

  14. Sener Says:

    Aha =D
    Those have got to be the best pijamas I’ve ever seen,
    can I kiss you goodnight??

  15. Ashwgun Says:

    Nice, well keep the vids coming you little tease

  16. spionkillen Says:

    Hehe Nice vid :D

  17. aegisd77 Says:


  18. Xanaxa1681 Says:

    Didn’t see that one coming! :P

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