Gavin DeGraw – Belief (Acoustic Cover by Edei)

November 22, 2011 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Video

This is an acoustic cover of Belief by Gavin Degraw Edei, In My Bed – The debut single available from iTunes now; New single from Edei ‘Loved’ is out January 16, 2011 Pre-order it from iTunes here: Visit Edei’s Website here; Become an Edei fan on facebook here Follow Edei on Twitter here

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25 Responses to “Gavin DeGraw – Belief (Acoustic Cover by Edei)”

  1. minirothes Says:

    amazing song, amazing voice!

  2. soadictombino Says:

    sos geniaaaa!!

  3. BACMusic Says:

    amazing cover!!!!!!!! :)

  4. TheShadyRocks Says:

    god jobbb girl!!!!

  5. Daracle96 Says:

    Added to favourites…Subscribed…What more can I say except a mega performance of a mega track. I think that I can say that Edei is “In It To Win It”!

  6. Ellowenrose Says:

    Please do Kings of Leon – Sex on fire!!

  7. RichardLeo361 Says:

    can you cover with arms wide open by creed? i KNOW you’d be amazing at it!

  8. kelmur32 Says:

    amazing cover of an amazing song!

  9. iSpeakKonglish Says:

    You sang this better than the original. Rocked it man.

  10. eddiesy009 Says:

    You’re amazing Edei. Marry me?

  11. lauribabyblue Says:

    what are you doing here!? you should be in american idol or something! haha… hope you could make a livin from this, great voice!…greattings from argentina :)

  12. xxlindsey0428xx Says:

    Love it.

  13. alissadurkes1 Says:

    I love your voice, really do! And you seems to be a lovely person. Hope you to have the best of this life. kisses!

  14. Meeeechiii Says:

    Me gusta más que el original jaja

  15. luizibrahimovic Says:

    Sem palavras……

  16. mollysangelique Says:

    ligt niet aan,jou,mood bit mat niet zo vrolyk je,kent,het,zware dag wat,leuk,hoort,te,zyn,snap,je,kom,ik,x,gezeur,moeder,ze,had,feestje,kater,zeker,

  17. MaEUnfRaeD Says:

    Great cover, but with a true heart I can say that no one will ever be able to make it as true as Gavin himself. But again, great work! :)

  18. livelaughpeacenlove Says:

    i’ve been replaying this over and over, its definetly the best cover of this song on youtube. i wish you will success as much as you deserve to edei with the talent that you have

  19. br0kens0ng Says:

    I so love you edei..Your so great…

  20. staceyhelmore Says:

    this is a fantastic cover!

  21. Matthewsnake Says:

    My favourite song of Gavin….and you’re very great!!! Beautiful Voice!!! Awesome WOW!

  22. jchungkwon Says:


  23. icygurl116 Says:

    super duper like!

  24. LFrode Says:

    are you getting an orgasm edei…

  25. alx7311 Says:

    serious shit eh

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