~Gabrielle, Aphrodite, Callisto~ Are Barbie Girls

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Please watch in HIGH QUALITY!!! LoL..I just made this for fun
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25 Responses to “~Gabrielle, Aphrodite, Callisto~ Are Barbie Girls”

  1. repub11111111cheszs Says:

    @Juicexlx thanks sir

  2. Juicexlx Says:


    It’s Callisto a.k.a. Xena’s nemesis !
    The actress’ s real name is Hudson Leick

  3. repub11111111cheszs Says:

    1:51 which is the name of the sexy girl plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz?

  4. Juicexlx Says:

    @lucyrenee11 Yeah, I agree ! Callisto would make a seriously demented and evil Barbie: she kills Perdicus, she sides with Hope and Xena’s son Solan dies and then Xena and Gabby end-up crucified, because she breaks Xena’s spine with the chakram…

    Definitely NOT the Barbie type !!

  5. bambibelle84 Says:

    jajajaja i love this video Callisto my favorite Gabrielle que chula and Aphrodite she was so funny

  6. lucyrenee11 Says:


    the part at 1:06 is “seeds of Faith” (season 5 episode 09). where xena learns about her child’s real father
    SPOILERS * the “father” is callisto*

  7. lucyrenee11 Says:


    its from season 3 “sacrifice part 2″ the very last episode………….

    hope it helped

  8. lucyrenee11 Says:

    well…aphrodite and gabrielle maybe but callisto definetly no…maybe season 5 when she turns a bit into an angel (5×01-fallen angel)…..
    still good video!!!!!!!!!!1 love xena and gabby


  9. justme38ds Says:

    @sawyerf8 what is the series called and is it still on?!

  10. ladyliberty19 Says:

    Aphrodite is Godly hot!!!!! All white enties and those truly good at heart are beautiful only liars shady people and trouble makers are ugly after death.

  11. SammyWithaChance Says:

    what is the scene at the very end with Callisto laughing?

  12. hopsanda Says:


  13. clvlndmike Says:

    I almost forgot how UNGODLY HOT!! Aphrodite was!!

  14. gctt123 Says:

    fantastic :D

  15. monca91 Says:

    what episode is 1:06??

  16. mirko2824 Says:

    imaginatino life is your creation

  17. MegaQueenSarah Says:

    rofl. 5**

  18. soseztheleadr Says:

    Good memories. ^^
    And an awesome crossover video. ^^

  19. astrangeone Says:

    Somehow I see Callisto fitting the role a little more. I love Callisto (victim/villian Callisto, not her redeemed version).

  20. chatte578 Says:

    who sings this version of the song ty

  21. buffypii Says:

    Yeah! They are all awesome!

  22. ToadetteFan316 Says:

    Thanks 4 clarification buffypi.

  23. sawyerf8 Says:

    WOW what a great vid!! This is soo awsome!!
    I just finished watching Season5, moving to S6. And I must say I´m really starting to like Aphrodite. Callisto – I always loved her!
    And Gaby just gets every episode hotter and hotter

  24. buffypii Says:

    Don’t take this too seriously, it was just for fun. I love Aphrodite for all she is!

  25. ToadetteFan316 Says:

    Not 2 burst ur bubble… but i dislike the comparison of barbie to aphrodite. Barbie is weak and helpless. Aphrodite is her own woman! Cool song but it simply doesnt apply.

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