[f(x) & suju donghae cut]SM audition experience idol 1/3

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off the chain freestyle by kid cudi lyrics – I keep it cool, baby Kid Cudi, riding the cuddy as by the girls yeah they on screen love me double oh represent it til I’m finished as by GOOD Music and the music do it all day for my people all day and we use it hey, put your hands up to the ceiling scream loud homeboy if you feel the feeling hey, and the girl looking at me don’t be mad but she can roll with me in the Lexus, we gone go and do it in the next is generation x’s love first sexes ?? hey, and get it pass, red shoes on my feet Louis Vuitton you getting that pass talking wreckless, homeboy feeling it blank kiss my ass we gone get that bag, oh true when we rock that, man came in the game leather on tight I’m, tight and my ?? smooth like leather ayyy my pimp game tight like my jeans come through my diamond piece chain shine like rain and it glistenin’ uhh, keep rollin and yeah listen I let roll to the intermission, get back on the mission something like Ethan Hunt Mission Impossible got people rollin through when we rocking though cant stop it though let the bass kick in, right back and I get in and I smoke that kush that’d get me thinkin maybe very big and I’m eating hey, you know about that, rude like that I’m rockin my pastel I roll to London hit up it Dizzee Rascal we popping bottles and models moving, full throttle, y’all know it, everyday I ain’t joking live strip poker face, girl don’t wanna talk she wanna taste let her know it’s cool we won’t catch case and you know it’s
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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36 Responses to “[f(x) & suju donghae cut]SM audition experience idol 1/3”

  1. 1UniversalMusic Says:

    The judge in white looks like a mash-up of Siwon and Ryeowook. Lol.
    And the dude who danced with Donghae is amazing!

  2. XoXoZaziiJonaslover Says:

    awww..sulli was soo cute!..but ofcourse she’s cuter now!

  3. TheRyan1029 Says:

    @MzPunky can you give me the link too? thank you :)

  4. yummiwatch Says:

    @miss94girl I just knew he’s a coreographer, he just gives off that feeling..
    but he’s really cute~ ^-^ he reminds me of Bruno Mars, his smile I guess
    I saw him in the next parts when dancing with Donghae. they’re awesome together <3<3<3<3

  5. miss94girl Says:

    @yummiwatch He is one of Sm Ent’s choreographer he’s the one that did sorry sorry I think ^^

  6. yummiwatch Says:

    who’s the guy at 11:36 ?
    he’s cute ^^

  7. crescentyul Says:

    can anybody please send me the link with eng sub please…

  8. anyelis95 Says:

    Subtitulos en ESPAƑOL!

  9. MsCassey14 Says:

    pls,give me also the link of ENG SUB….thanks in advance….

  10. yellowARUM16 Says:

    did i just hear sorry sorry in english!?!?!

  11. DaRkAnGeLz12345 Says:

    can i also have the link?

  12. dec122888 Says:

    Is it possible for someone to send me the english sub link for this? THANK YOUU!!

  13. Thosetime Says:

    Anybody can help me send me the english link ? :( THANKS !!!

  14. curiouslady112795 Says:

    hello? can u also msg me the link if its okay? pls?

  15. sopioli Says:

    @MzPunky thanks

  16. ahLynMC Says:

    @ahLynMC wah i didnt get any message :(

  17. taeminkartoshka Says:

    can someone tell me pretty please who the judge with the hat is?

  18. crankcrump Says:

    @ahLynMC hi! i am not too sure if the previous message i typed was successfully sent. could you send me the link with english subs for this episode too? and others if you have as well. thank you so so so much~ ^^

  19. crankcrump Says:

    @ahLynMC hey could you pass me the link, the one with english subs. thank you so so much^^

  20. lylacgirl123 Says:

    when the second guy performed donghae was trying so hard not to laugh xD

  21. ahLynMC Says:

    @MzPunky me too please link me the one with subbed too. thank you in advance ^^

  22. wildgurlll7 Says:

    @3797YVNL2696 because he himself knows how audition goes since he himself experienced it. and i think its great to have ppl like him and kangta cause they know how it feels to do it.

  23. hyunnalove Says:

    can someone send me the link of the subbed version?? thankyuuuuuuuuuuu! :) )

  24. Sadiaxbee Says:

    wow seung hoon oppa gained wait than wen we saw him on wgm

  25. 3797YVNL2696 Says:

    why is donghae on the judge panel?

  26. funkyt23 Says:

    @LordSnip3 check the description jack ass ;)

  27. LordSnip3 Says:

    yea im rapping to this freestyle… oh wait, theres no lyrics. dumbass.

  28. 10dollabill1 Says:

    @blarg11994 No shit! cause ur fucking looking at the lyrics.. if u want the video then go to kid cudi tim westwood u dumbfuck

  29. TheTinaStudio Says:


  30. 523Lobefinger Says:


  31. Frankgore21studd Says:

    whats the name of the first freestyle?? help

  32. blarg11994 Says:

    What the hell? This is the Tim Westwood freestyle without the video. Lame…

  33. nevetsellavo Says:

    1of a kind

  34. cesar6778 Says:

    Thats legit..!

  35. taylorpvfc Says:


  36. gunotdx23 Says:

    hot FIRE

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