Funny Girl (1968) Part 1

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Set in and around New York City just prior to and following World War I, the story opens with Ziegfeld Follies star Fanny Brice (Barbra Streisand) awaiting the return of husband Nicky Arnstein (Omar Sharif) from prison, and then moves into an extended flashback focusing on their meeting and marriage. Fanny is seen as a stage-struck teenager who gets her first job in vaudeville and meets the suave Arnstein following her debut performance. They continue to meet occasionally over the years, becoming more romantically involved as Fanny’s career flourishes and she becomes a star. Arnstein eventually seduces Fanny, who decides to abandon the Follies in favor of Nicky. After winning a fortune playing live strip poker, Nicky agrees to marry Fanny. They move into an expensive house and have a daughter, and Fanny eventually returns to Ziegfeld and the Follies. Meanwhile, Nicky’s various business ventures fail, forcing them to move into an apartment. Refusing financial support from his wife, he becomes involved in a bonds scam and is imprisoned for embezzlement for eighteen months. Following Nick’s release from prison, he and Fanny briefly reunite long enough to agree to separate.

PNC Bank Arts Center 07.22.2005 – Holmdel, NJ

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  1. earthquakepills Says:

    @ze000ez Big fat movies had musical overtures and musical intermissions (stop me if you’ve heard that already)

  2. thaliaperfect Says:

    wy does everyone tink she is ugly? she i GAWGESS!

  3. mrssoonerchick Says:

    Thanks so much for uploading this wonderful movie,my sister and I would stay up late to watch this.
    Movie Trivia: go to the website called musicals101 and click who’s who in musicals and you will see Fanny Brice name. Thanks,again!!<3

  4. giniethesinger Says:

    Thank YOU sO MUCH!! I am going to watch this as soon as I can :D

  5. StreisandLove Says:

    lol @ 9:13 ♥

  6. StreisandLove Says:

    As sixteen year old Streisand superfan, I have to say I love you. xD
    My DVD cracked, and I haven’t watched Funny Girl in like a month. YOU ARE MY HERO. <3 :D

  7. cu449708 Says:

    Thank You SO SO Much.

  8. violetta74a Says:

    i always cray when i see this movie….i love it so much!!!!

  9. ze000ez Says:

    apparently you have to skip to 04:37

  10. terdilynn91 Says:

    i fucking LOVE this movie!!!! thank you so much

  11. ISwimFly4Fun Says:

    thx 4 posting! this is gr8!

  12. Sanriko Says:

    Thank you for actually posting the movie and not some scam, you are wonderful…And just as you username says “Awesome” XD

  13. dothejas Says:

    Hell yes.

  14. rahrahrevenge Says:

    looks in mirror “hello gawgess” lol

  15. 93AllisonWonderland Says:

    thank you so much. this is my all time favorite movie, i’ve been searching all over for it!

  16. MrTracythomas1 Says:

    I agree! The old Fox theatres with those ultra lux matinee signs and the maroon velvet curtains – Real curtains! in front of the screen. All those lucious moldings with the soft golden lights dimming down to absolute blackness….going to the movies used to be a real event! $1.25/ .75 for kids — large popcorn with butter .85….I think I went to the P’alm D’or 2 years ago……not the same. For just over $16.00/per I’ll stay at home !

  17. ninskimig123 Says:

    omg, I have been looking everywhere for this movie!! Thank you SO much!! I love you forever <3 Not in the creepy way of course :)

  18. fabuloushayley1 Says:

    im only watchin this because glee had a cover of it and i absolutely <3 it, and my mom tolod me it was a great movie so i had to watch it! sry for my dramaticalness… lol

  19. thebackgroundartiste Says:

    They really liked to use long overtures for movies way back when and also long intermission music was played. I think they should start doing it again. But unlike in the wonderful past of seeing a film in a single big beautiful theatre on a big screen I doubt it would help to get the stragglers in their seats on time. I miss going to the movies but I refuse to until a lot of things change.

  20. XXcarabbXX Says:

    Thank you so much for putting this up.

  21. Loralai101 Says:

    i love you i seriously love you for doing this

  22. roxyforprincess Says:

    thx for uploading this !

  23. PowerShotHo24 Says:

    @King10Sooted i mean if it were possible to rate them, i suppose 11/10 would do

  24. King10Sooted Says:


    So that makes Pearl Jam 11/10?

  25. JimmyBakerable Says:

    They’re coming to vegas and playing at red rock resort June 10th! Can’t wait! Going to buy my tickets soon! & the tickets are like only $30! really cheap lol

  26. dominicchumich Says:

    instantly in a good mood after hearing this

  27. dominicchumich Says:

    instantly in a good mood after hearing this

  28. scottmbolt Says:

    @PowerShotHo24 exactly. I’m sick of the DMB comparisons. OAR is totally different – DMB doesn’t have a raggae sound.

  29. mommylovesreality Says:

    I’ve seen DMB. They’re both cool, so who gives a f*ck?

  30. PowerShotHo24 Says:



    Any questions?

  31. bjrqiup Says:

    This is Jerry DePizzo, he comes from Youngstown BROhio!

  32. bjrqiup Says:

    @dmcatee100 oar fans dont hate, i agree that people who think oar and dmb are the same are very ignorant, I’m a fan of both but definitely more of an oar fan…

  33. dmcatee100 Says:

    im a fan of O.A.R and i hate DMB….its not about the sound its about lyrics too….

  34. abovethenonsense Says:

    Love this!

  35. scottmbolt Says:

    @Markiem00 DMB doesn’t charm like O.A.R. does. Sorry.

  36. Markiem00 Says:

    @scottmbolt Come on as a fan of O.A.R. you should be a fan of Dave Matthews Band too. For as much as I enjoy O.A.R. they can’t compete with DMB live. No one can.

  37. Markiem00 Says:

    @scottmbolt Come on as a fan of O.A.R. you should be a fan of Dave Matthews Band too. For as much as I enjoy O.A.R. they can’t compete with DMB live. No one can.

  38. Markiem00 Says:

    @scottmbolt Come on as a fan of O.A.R. you should be a fan of Dave Matthews Band too. For as much as I enjoy O.A.R. they can’t compete with DMB live. No one can.

  39. scottmbolt Says:

    I absolutely love how they just Jam for a few minutes before going into a mind blowing performance. BEST LIVE BAND EVER!

  40. Spartan2577 Says:

    great song. if you guys like this check out a new band called Emergency Service(youtube channel = EmergencyServiceBand). they remind me alot of o.a.r. when they first started out.

  41. shotti22 Says:

    @RapidXxXRival of a revolution

  42. biggreenjellybean Says:

    I proposed to My Love and My Wife with this specific version of this song playing. Nothing else would of made the cut.

  43. Escribetucomentario Says:

    The Saxo is so relax, so fuckin’ great!!

  44. elizabethannfsu Says:

    <3 LOVE LOVE LOVE this <3

  45. itsmetoshab Says:

    My husband sings this to me all the time….ALL TIME FAV!!!

  46. roen1ck Says:

    i’m a big homo. i am going to make some comment and tell you to thumbs up me because i like large oak tree branches lodged in my rectum

  47. Skachild23 Says:


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