Funny Banned Girls Panties Commercial

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commercial not played in united states
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21 Responses to “Funny Banned Girls Panties Commercial”

  1. Wiseman92 Says:

    @infydele Its when the elevator had that sudden stop at the end that caused them all to fall down, not the fall itself

  2. DickBig1992 Says:

    Yes…but try to imagine…You fly in the direction of travel ….then if you do not have underwear like in this commercial…your clothes probably stay…and you fly..towards..:D

  3. DickBig1992 Says:

    Man..but when an elevator stops…the clothes should be go down…just study physics….”more’

  4. Gielinorian Says:

    bend down some more girl, grab those panties, boner

  5. MrDonFrodo Says:

    i wonder would anyone have such panties on that that thing actually happen xD

  6. Matttttttttttt12 Says:

    @infydele when it comes to a sudden halt while goin down… evrythin tends to go down due to inertia..

  7. StraightFromToronto Says:

    Thats what happens everytime i walk into a room full of girls

  8. SuperGamer7 Says:

    @shooster11 HA! Good one!

  9. mukmarcus Says:

    Elevator should go up,so the ladies’ skirt flies up,not their panties flying down!!!

  10. k0n14k Says:

    @infydele no. if it is going down with a an acceleration that is less than the gravitational one (which it will because of friction) then no clothes go should go up. but then, when it “hits” the ground (which it did here quite smoothly) then forces everything pulldownwards.
    it’s like in a face-to-face car crash where passangers also are pushed in the direction of travel

  11. shooster11 Says:

    That reason that woman’s panties stayed in place is because she was having her period so it was extra sticky!!!

  12. EpikAllTheWay Says:

    yes they should fly up while the elevator is flying down, but the force of the elevator stopping immediately would push the panties down straight away, thats physics for ya, stupid fools

  13. humanlister Says:


  14. narutoguru199 Says:


  15. SuperGamer7 Says:

    Now THAT is funny!

  16. Rizenchaos Says:


  17. tibor29 Says:

    Haha so true.

  18. vigo894 Says:

    Really. You are right, it’s just fantasy. Like the Coyote falling off the cliff, and not

  19. oiscout2000kenny Says:

    cant people put physics aside for just one bloody second and enjoy the humor?

  20. ThrustVectoring Says:


    wrong. When an elevator stops after going downwards, you feel heavier. This is empirically testable.

    However, the force required to dislodge undergarments would cause other physical harm (broken bones, etc)

  21. infydele Says:

    that doesn’t make any sense..if the elevator is going down, the clothes should fly up

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