Funny Baby Dancing Waka Waka

September 10, 2011 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Video – Lots of FUN ٩(-̮̮̃-̃)۶
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45 Responses to “Funny Baby Dancing Waka Waka”

  1. thedarkslayerking Says:

    6 ppl cant dance better them him

  2. Mcdonoughboo Says:

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  3. EarlReddickhyh Says:

    This Youtube video has been sponsored Southwest Airlines! Any body on Youtube that sees this comment and then texts “SOUTHWESTAIR” to 4 1 4 1 1 gets to fly away with us!!!

  4. HelloKitty111083 Says:

    baby can dance! love it!

  5. josianafarber Says:

    0:07 omgomgomgomg

  6. Kaylove232 Says:

    awwe he’s such a happy baby!! Thumbs up to the parents!!!

  7. XxuwantmehxX Says:

    Marry me! xD

  8. miami17heat Says:

    hes hilarious

  9. carmencamacho11 Says:

    awww thats soo funny and cute lml wow dats mad funny dat babi is mad cuute

  10. ChemicalAtTheDisco Says:

    lmao! so cute x

  11. VMMICK Says:

    @dmoney3481 full diaper 2

  12. Ms8pack Says:

    he iss soo freaken cutttte ii l0v his dance m0ves

  13. dmoney3481 Says:

    this babies got tallen

  14. str8upset Says:

    This baby is not human,

  15. lovinbeingamommy2010 Says:

    aww he is so cute love it

  16. islanderforlifee Says:

    How Old Is He ??
    Soo funnyy & Cutee At Thee Same Timee

  17. HmcDecember1997 Says:

    the video is about the dancin baby 4 gods sake not the music people.!!
    so cute

  18. HabeshaQween Says:

    That baby is getting it in, he’s so cute!!

  19. kcmicmac134 Says:

    i love this so much that i put it as one of my bookmarks!! lol! thumbs up if u did the same!! <333

  20. justneedtoupload Says:

    thats so crazy!

  21. mpdfe Says:

    @zDanLHD yeah, it is

  22. zDanLHD Says:

    is it just me thats worrid that the kid is dancin on the table????

  23. abbiestubblefield5 Says:

    LOL my family and me love this

  24. KianiBitch Says:


  25. kidkrushjerkerblazet Says:

    if u dnt like this fukk u lol hater azz people this is funny lol haha

  26. axolotl84 Says:

    ivey lost 200k not 700, no need for these stupid video titles

  27. laffizzle Says:

    cuz hes got the heart and commitment to the game he crushes everyone

  28. laffizzle Says:

    in iveys defense he was probably thinking about all the fried chicken and pigs feet he was gunna be missing cuz of the bet

  29. AA72AA72 Says:

    This is like an Albert Pujols vs Tim Lincecum 18 pitch at bat in baseball terms.

  30. geminicfc69 Says:

    Gabe kaplans commentary is excellent through out, But the hand itself was most definitely won by the most fearless player in world poker, From start to finish Tom plays it flawlessly, Ivey Should have pushed after the flop with the amount of outs he had but instead try to smooth play and trap later, Tom continues to bet air and all though he got a little uncomfortable looking by the river he holds it together well, Once Ivey misses he has Bottler wrote all over him.

  31. danielvandam Says:

    @AwollSGF I love how you have no idea what youre saying

  32. lynnbrasher285545 Says:


  33. ATH3K1D Says:

    phil had him by far but dwan just had to raise and raise to scare off ivey plus ivey was looking for that diamond or jack but they turned out not coming which his odds looked like shit after the turn and river..

  34. RakebackReviewer Says:

    @sammygee17 Believe it or not this is actually a lot of money for at least one of them.

  35. mauriciorua21 Says:

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    and 100% bonus at PARTY POKER,just deposit min 25$ and use bonus code SUPERBONUS .good luck

  36. sammygee17 Says:

    people saying durrr, ivey are not human etc. this hand to them is no bigger then like an $80 pot in a $10 buyin game. they play so well because they never play scared money

  37. mmnmnmmmnmmn Says:

    @IK407 Truest statement, the fact that ivey “knew” dwan had the exact hand he had, and Dwan fired 4 shells. I love watching Ivey contimplate the call, he’s just too good, even thow he didnt call, thats still downright amazing..

  38. noch21Gramm Says:

    sickest hand i have ever seen and fuck i have seen a lot…

  39. AwollSGF Says:

    I love how after the hand EVERYONE, even Ivey, knew Dwan was bluffing. Even Eli calls him on his “owe, my eyes hurt” bullshit.

  40. IK407 Says:

    Tom Dwan and Phil Ivey are not human..

  41. chebs8888 Says:

    @TheMadcowwww Well there’d be nothing else left to represent

  42. TheMadcowwww Says:

    I think one day phil ivey will be able to represent the nutz with a huge all-in over the top of a river bet like this.

  43. UnpredlctabIe Says:

    9:13 phil realizes he just got raped.

  44. hungrybruce Says:

    It was just well timed credit to durr for bluffing at the best time. Ivey almost call but it was too much pressure. Maybe Patrick Antonius would have call based upon the potential bluff read ivey had on durr.

  45. guardiansofdreams Says:

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