Full Tilt Poker Site is offering “Aid for Haiti” poker tournaments

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Aid for Haiti

Full Tilt Poker Site is offering “Aid for Haiti” poker tournaments in which the rake collected in each event will be donated to charities benefiting the earthquake’s victims. The Full Tilt Poker site also gives players the option to donate privately by transferring funds to ‘Aid for Haiti’ on the site. The Full Tilt Poker site will aditionally run a number of charitable tournaments wherein half of the prize pool goes to relief efforts.

In addition, the Full Tilt Poker site will match the amount of the juice, sending even more funds to Haiti. The Full Tilt Poker site has also created “Aid for Haiti No Play” tournaments. These allow players to donate without having to compete on the virtual felts and, as was the case with the traditional tournaments, Full Tilt will match all funds donated.

Finally, Full Tilt has created a player account named “Aid for Haiti.” You can make a direct transfer of at least $5 to this user name and Full Tilt will match it.

With traditional generosity, the online poker industry has been among the first to introduce disaster relief fund-raising schemes for the devastated country of Haiti following the horrendous earthquakes that have all but destroyed its infrastructure.

Full Tilt Poker Site is the host of a worldwide virtual poker cardroom service. It is not in the business of betting or wagering and does not participate in the games as a player. It merely provides a service to those who wish to test their skills against others for fun, prizes or money. With innovative graphics, superior customer service and a safe, secure interface, the software is geared to enhance and personalize the online poker experience. Players at all skill levels may download the software at www.fulltiltpoker.com.

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