Full Deck – Pin-up Girl Vector Illustration

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Vector illustration from September ’09. Originally it was Livestreamed on my account. Time taken: 4 hours. There were additional hours after this session, but I’m converting my older Livestream videos to quick Youtube ones to make room for more, long session. :) tools: Paint Tool SAI (sketch), Adobe Illustrator CS3, Wacom Intuos3 Original time: 4h30m finished piece: acrylicana.deviantart.com Check out my livestream: www.livestream.com Follow me on Twitter: twitter.com www.acrylicana.com
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Poker Face Lyrics Glee Cast Version I DON’T OWN THE SONG! Send me a message if you want an invite to Lockerz

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35 Responses to “Full Deck – Pin-up Girl Vector Illustration”

  1. yesnikita Says:

    Thank you so much for this amazing work! You’re super illustrator!!!! :) )))

  2. acrylicana Says:

    @SickPuppyAthena Since it was recorded on Livestream, I used their Procaster program to record and stream. The file was converted from FLV to AVI with Emicsoft and edited with Camtasia.

    Thanks :) Oh, it’s not too involved, as far as processes go. :D Definitely always worth it ;)

  3. SickPuppyAthena Says:

    what program do you use to record, edit, and post this?? e__e
    your work is so clean and beautiful. your process seems so back-breaking though! i suppose it’s worth it, they always come out wonderful!

  4. setsuna725 Says:

    @setsuna725 its truely amazing how u seem to fly threw them! Im good at editing photos for like photography as on the levels and saturation, still working on becomming good at the airbrushed look but god u make it all look so easy!!

  5. acrylicana Says:

    @BakedStitches XD I tried so hard to edit all of them out. There were some rather long ones in the video, originally.

  6. acrylicana Says:

    @setsuna725 Depends on the piece. The full run of this one (including time spent off camera) was 6 hours. Other pieces only take 30 minutes or up to 30 hours (of course, not spent working on it all at once). Really depends on what I’m working on, what it’s for, what my deadline is, and whatever else is going on in my life. :)

  7. setsuna725 Says:

    fabulous, u go threw alot of trail and error, how long sense this is sped up to be 9 min, how long on average do these take u?

  8. BakedStitches Says:

    tee hee! I loved the BRB’s

    it looked really good! GJ!

  9. acrylicana Says:

    @TheCosaAzul gracias :)

  10. TheCosaAzul Says:

    Muy bueno

  11. VideoCritic144 Says:

    How can anybody not like this version? I’m sure that they’re just prejudiced against a slow, heartfelt song. Of course, the upbeat one was very good as well!

  12. Fattymaccy Says:

    @datchikyouknow12 Glee didn’t actually make up this version of the song, Lady Gaga (before she became famous) came up with the lyrics, and originally wanted “Poker Face” to sound this way. When she talked with a record company, they said if she wanted to become famous, she should make the song more upbeat, the way most people like their music today. That’s why you (and most people) think the other version is the original, because it’s more popular.

  13. gleeek1 Says:

    @Mangolover87 F**** you!

  14. lolipop2119 Says:

    i ♥ idina menzel!!!! go FANZELS!! ♥

  15. Mangolover87 Says:

    Glee is gay

  16. PillowHey Says:

    @HaileeandDeven suree, it just made me lmfaaao! ;L

  17. HaileeandDeven Says:

    @PillowHey Hehe, I just think they shouldn’t say “No one knows our inside joke” or whatever because no one really cares about that and they won’t ask them what the joke is.

  18. PillowHey Says:

    @HaileeandDeven LOL that made me lmfao !

  19. HaileeandDeven Says:

    @atownballer9631 No one cares.

  20. phippyr123 Says:

    6 People don’t have a poker face

  21. atownballer9361 Says:

    me and my friend are singing this song for our concert! its amazing! and its like our song…we have a story behind it but nobody will know! im singing Idinas partttt (:

  22. javierconz Says:

    @datchikyouknow12 yeah they did u,u

  23. lalaloveyou1408 Says:

    i love it!!!!!!

  24. datchikyouknow12 Says:

    What The FUCKK !!!! I didn’t Hate ir Love Glee ,, but they absolutely fucked upp This song !!!! EWWWWW

  25. punkgirl979 Says:

    wow and i thought it was good when lady gaga sang it…

  26. webshowMUFFIN Says:

    Sining this song with our GleeClub! Awesomeeee♥♥

  27. 2000bre Says:

    Boo! Boo! Boo! Boo!

  28. Maartjeladielo Says:

    So much better!
    Love this version. <’3

  29. capybara101rock Says:

    This is my favorate verson to it rocks!!!!!!!g

  30. capybara101rock Says:

    This is my favorate verson to it rocks!!!!!!!

  31. jamaelrabba Says:

    better than the orginal

  32. emmawallflowersLL Says:

    Stupid! it doesn’t sound like a song about clubs and gambling it sounds more like a stupidly cheesy sad love song

  33. laurienxoxo Says:

    like this versiooooon.

  34. TheHulstEfect Says:

    Vetter Then lady gaga i think!!

  35. cosgrovex Says:

    Love this songg<3 Glee ftw!

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