Free Poker – Crazy Poker Hand – AA-KK-QQ

October 11, 2010 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Video – Free Online Poker Clip of a crazy play online poker hand. One guy has pocket Aces, another guy has pocket Kings, and a third player has pocket Queens. The 2 other players at the table alos have pocket pairs – 5′s and 7′s. But both have to fold pre-flop. Somehow the player holding Kings makes a sick fold, only to see a king show up on the flop. The pocket aces hold up until the river. And then the old 3 outer hits….a queen on the river to bust this dudes aces….ouch. – Free Online Poker

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25 Responses to “Free Poker – Crazy Poker Hand – AA-KK-QQ”

  1. gjor4e2001 Says:

    woooow this is amazing NICE HAND :D

  2. iamthebrazz Says:

    one word response…. SICK

  3. ftwhanni Says:

    think that hickman dosent gonna go QQ after that

  4. pulpfictionost Says:

    @Rogerio34567 If you have kings, there is a 1 in 40.8 chance of someone having Aces

  5. ForTheWinn Says:

    This is like an Ultimate Bet table.. this crap happens all the time on that website! Like this post if you agree

  6. jamesjames91111 Says:

    how did he fold kings?

  7. aureliasokk Says:

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  8. GreaserxDeuce Says:

    holy shit that was fucking amazing intense

  9. financiertrinidadh Says:

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  12. grosdaraz Says:

    terrible commentary, maybe they should put a poker professional as color commentator not some random dweeb

  13. bobkaize Says:

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  14. dRaGJk Says:

    Achilleas Kallakis(AA) hahaha aaa re ton Ellhnara.. :D 2 assous eixe!! de peirazei pou exase….

  15. dustyn1986 Says: FREE POKER CASH!

  16. elzeroooooo Says:

    @if1959 Yea, I’m 16years old

  17. theafrodude22 Says:

    i thought this only happens on online poker!

  18. prioriacrkaq Says:

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  19. ILovemyGuitar494 Says:

    @toroinpiedi89 dude wtf .. its not impossible just 10 in 2.598.960

  20. ninggy369bhagwandin Says:


  21. TehPokerGuy Says:

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  22. zgr9 Says:

    i love the commentary on this

  23. westywest1234 Says:

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  24. Gytax0 Says:

    0:58 – horrible poker face.

  25. impulsesuccubus Says:

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