Free Online Poker Strategy Guide To How To Move All-In

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Free Online Poker Strategy Guide To How To Move All-In

Moving all-in is the most serious of all manoeuvres in poker be it free play online poker or high stakes games. The accepted wisdom is that you should only move all-in with hands that have a chance to beat the most common all-in Big Hands like AK and AQ. 

This is because these are the hands also most prepared to call. Which hands, then, are we willing to put our tournament life on? Pocket pairs spring to mind. So does A-K (or A-Q or even K-Q suited or K-J suited if you are running out of chips) 

But someone does it differently. I’d like to add that here; player B is usually an impatient, rowdy player who is familiar to us TV poker fans. 

BLINDS 12k/24k

A has Ad-Kd raises 75k 

A’s raise is just standard for A-K suited, though it is slightly stronger (the average preflop raise is about 2.5x the big blind, but this raise is a little more than thrice). But look at B’s move, which might be less standard: 

B has 10c-5c moves all-in 544k 

How about that: a 10-5? With about 22 big blinds left, which is relatively a short-stack (but not so short), B moves all-in. However with a 10-5? B can wait for slightly better hands than this. 

Now let us try to justify the 10-5 in this situation. If B did it with a small pair, he is a slight favourite (about 55-45). If with A-x (with x smaller than a King), he is a significant underdog (about 75-25). 

With any two cards except Ace or King, he is a less significant underdog (about 66-34). So with the win-rate of 10-5 against Ace King (B deciding that A’s hand is Ace King or alike is a gamble; if he is up against Ace Ace then he is a serious underdog at about 85-15) is simply the average of the win rate of a pocket pair against Ace King and the win rate of A-x against A-K, and as such not too nasty. 

Moreover, with 10c-5c B has two live cards, compared with A-x, where x is the only live card. Moreover, B may dislike having 22 big blinds dwindle to, say, 15 or 14 later, so he decides to put his heart and soul into this hand. Who is this player, anyway? “I’ve got a 10-5, boys and girls.” Yes it’s true, the garrulous Mike Matusow! “The Mouth!”

A calls 469k (Pot 1.124m) 

Now let us observe how “The Mouth” will fare against all odds. 

FLOP: Js-7c-5s 

“That’s a Flop!” A Five fell, pairing Matusow! 

TURN: Js-7c-5s-8d 

RIVER: Js-7c-5s-8d-6d 

Moving all-in can end up being one of the most dangerous moments in poker. Even in free play online poker it can also be the most thrilling, anyway. The all-in recharged Matusow’s stack to 45 big blinds. 

This unconventional play is not exploitable forever, anyway. When Matusow believed that A has A-K or similar, he is gambling. 

Most players will call with pocket pairs but I doubt in this case that A will call with less than 10-10. 

Against A-A or K-K or a higher pair, 10-5 will win only about 15% of the time, and with 10-10 to 5-5, about 25%, and with 4-4 to 2-2, nearly a coin flip.

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