Forever Alone Song

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As I get up in the morning and prepare myself for school, there’s my girl, oh she’s my darling, and I love the way she moves. Now I see her, she es smiling, and that’s when I see it coming. She is holding hands with this guy, the ugliest thing i’ve seen alive. So I knew that I would always be A forever alone, A forever alone, It is fryday, it is late night, and I got quick out of work, I am going to enjoy this weekend, And im gonna make it worth. I speak with my homies, also with my neighbors. But the unnexpected happened, they we’re hanging all without me. And I knew that I would always be A forever alone, A forever alone, A forever alone, A forever alone.
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Free hugs on Venice Beach. I’m homeless & a kind person offered me a few bucks to give out free hugs and record how it went. Hope u like it. Thank you, have a great day!

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49 Responses to “Forever Alone Song”

  1. TermsOfProduction Says:

    single ☐ married ☐ forever alone ☑

  2. ilufflezpie Says:

    I’m gonna show this to my friends!!..wait..oh…friends..

  3. zhonlino Says:

    this world enough for just me and god ..


  4. YtubesTaeglichBrot Says:

    I liked my own comment. Forever alone.

  5. lumberj23 Says:

    You’re welcome, sole mate.
    I have no good friends in the internet, too.
    I have a real life. You know, that is for those people who do not find friends in the Internet. :-(

  6. SawHillGang Says:

    @runekenamy i am the forever alone guy.. awkwarrrrrrrrrrrd..

  7. iamoblivion1 Says:

    /watch?v=J4iV8K01h74 seef is stollen …. TROLLOOOOOOOOOOL

  8. runekenamy Says:

     forever alone guy = fag

  9. lazyshowproductions1 Says:

    @MrDiscostu32 i feel the same way

  10. medicenviiko Says:

    For Dragon Ball

  11. flash17101 Says:

    Sometimes I post on my forum. But then I remember: Noody registered.

  12. ShyOfFlutter Says:

    Song is awesome, deserves more views.

  13. RachelSchneida Says:

    sometimes i try to hug my only friend…. but my refrigerator is too big to hug… forever alone.

  14. Ladislavcvetko Says:

    Niiiiice =D

  15. DarkeningEG Says:

    0 Friends On Chat. Forever Alone

  16. guillo1410 Says:


  17. fokshill Says:

    Yoo I wanna learn this song now lol. What chords are you using?

  18. TheMrsexy14 Says:

    i know that feel bro

  19. Triceratops373 Says:


  20. greenyboy16 Says:

    chuck norris is forever not alone

  21. 180muerte Says:

    im fofrever alone

  22. lllCADElll Says:


  23. BeamDiva01 Says:


  24. BeamDiva01 Says:


  25. alyxhermann Says:

    <3 <3 so touching!

  26. manstie Says:

    @xekaex …? if you’re homeless then how do you have access to a video camera, a computer with video editing software and internet connection…?

  27. jnthnvayahoocom Says:

    Thumbs up if you like watching this free hug video /watch?v=zEwU80s0HN8

    If you can share it with people that would be great

  28. MyBikeGotJacked Says:

    sub to this man and get him a partnership to earn some money!

  29. assman255 Says:

    good pick pocket scam

  30. ychoful Says:

    Hugs from Colton, Oregon♥

  31. thesidewayzone Says:

    Just watched you on the Big Game

  32. dsnfldgfds Says:

    like the vid editing

  33. letsgotowar666 Says:

    cooll music!!

  34. Ibrahimovicz1 Says:

    excellent video guys.)

  35. spyu Says:

    Jared I always wondered who was filming you? And is it your camera? Same with your dance video. I like you!

  36. andylymbo Says:

    2:25 Jared just hyper combo’d some hugs.

  37. andylymbo Says:

    God I love Jared so much. Much love from killer_kill on 2p2.

  38. MultiChatters Says:

    if ur homeless y do u have a camera and a computer

  39. VantekHG Says:

    LMFAO @ 0 dislikes

  40. pacmanJT Says:

    BIG GAME FOR JARED!!!!!!!!

  41. 88pfkaok88 Says:

    @badbeatking80 couldn’t agree more, “just like rocky keep running that uphill battle and be victorius!!!!” … tho i think personally i relate him to little mac from tysons punch out!!! either way, its indisputable that he’s awesome, and just somebody you REALLY have to be full blown H8er for no reason to not root for!!!

  42. 88pfkaok88 Says:

    MAn… i can always watch this when i’m down, whether its from bad poker luck, or playing, or just in P.O.d mood.. this NEVER fails to cheer me up… so well done!!!

  43. badbeatking80 Says:


    just like rocky keep running that uphill battle and be victorius!!!!

  44. Vipu88 Says:

    i just became a fan!

  45. SRozo17 Says:

    This guy has gone thru alot… as you guys can see he has a big heart because even tho this has happened to him he gives free hugs :) the community of 2+2 have open there heart and have helped him with jobs here and there and now he is able to rent a room. God is good and thank to him ur still with us…:)

  46. LarryTheSwanson Says:

    the best thing ever to come out of 2+2

  47. hypotron Says:

    You’re great Jared! Awesome video! Keep on huggin’!

  48. FATCACAK Says:

    @devez7 its called ‘where is the love’ by black eyed peas. best. lyrics. ever

  49. lindenhedrick Says:

    just in here to show some love from 2+2 NVGer here

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