Farewell, Dorothy. A tribute to Bea Arthur.

January 27, 2012 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Video

A tribute to the talented, wonderful, funny, brilliant, witty and iconic Bea Arthur. We will never forget you. You will be missed. But your genius will live on forever. Goodbye, Pussycat. And tell “Ma” we all said “Hi.” Bea Arthur (1922 – 2009)
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50 Responses to “Farewell, Dorothy. A tribute to Bea Arthur.”

  1. hehorne Says:

    check out my video tribute I made


  2. IMPzzz69 Says:

    I love you Bea Arthur!!!

  3. MrZetteke Says:

    I miss her so much..

  4. littlebit19801 Says:

    @NutmegRocker I as crying during tthat episode, that’s for sure. Iheard they were thinking of going on without Bea and bringing in someone to fill her space *I would never say take her place* I heard they briefly considered Carol Burnett, as much as I love Carol I dunno if they would have had the same dynamics to it.

  5. jeanandbilly Says:

    Thank you for this beautiful tribute to a wonderful lady. I loved Bea. I am crying. I miss you Bea. R.I.P…………

  6. BearyHairy Says:

    Okay…I’m a big, brawny dude in Texas…Is anyone else crying? Sweet Jesus, I bawled like a baby. God Bless you and RIP Bea Arthur. Peace. Bear.

  7. LivvySavard274 Says:

    Wow this made me cry… such a talent. She will always be alive in out hearts! Bea Arthur Rest In Peace!

  8. BrainChild42 Says:

    somewhere, Deadpool is very sad

  9. NutmegRocker Says:

    I wonder if they were legitimately crying because it was the end of the series, not just acting. :) I hope they were because that would be a perfect ending.

  10. Baltofan11 Says:

    RIP Beatrice Arthur . . .

  11. yundre08 Says:

    Who sings this song, I need to download…

  12. yundre08 Says:

    This is soooo sad yet joyous because Bea Arthur was a true ICON and star!

  13. freespirit875z Says:

    @MusicJunkie777 That scene always makes me cry – I always expected her to come back and when she didn’t, I would find myself wiping the tears away.

  14. SuperYvetteLopez Says:

    @Pr0nStarzz Thanx pretty lady!!!

  15. Pr0nStarzz Says:

    @SuperYvetteLopez Greg Laswell

  16. Pr0nStarzz Says:

    I watched the series finale on television the other day, and I bawled my eyes out for 20 minutes afterwards… Such an amazing actress and show.
    RIP Bea

  17. bratschespieler1 Says:

    Lovely rendition of this song from Greg Laswell

  18. kaczerm Says:

    the fastest group hugs ive ever seen !

  19. buddytheoc Says:

    @fabriz1984 god, i didn’t recognize it, holy >.< i do not believe it.

  20. SuperYvetteLopez Says:

    who sings this song??????

  21. mimachicamusic Says:

    Großartig – Thank you

  22. PoorPublicSchoolKid Says:

    0:01 – 5:59 made me cry

  23. 7inga7 Says:

    I love this!

  24. AeriaGl0ris Says:

    I’ve never actually laughed through tears…until now. RIP, Bea, Estelle, and Rue.

  25. 427Gary Says:

    You were such a joy to watch, Bea. You’re just unforgettable. I cried when I watched this video; it was so hard breaking to realize that Bea’s not just gone from the Golden Girls, but gone in real life. We miss you terribly, Bea. We wish you could be back again to make us all smile. Rest in heaven, Beatrice Arthur.

  26. vitor82318 Says:

    love love love game

  27. kingdomfan1111 Says:


  28. evermore713 Says:


  29. soriashade Says:

    so basically no1 can read this comment?

  30. NikiParis1 Says:

    She is my free bitch!!!!

  31. tatuyugipiulover Says:

    great but not perfect

  32. quindonwhiskeychan10 Says:

    I think I broke my replay button.

  33. tomicica1 Says:

    ez kurvajószááám ♥

  34. samelectrickTM Says:

    omg. the beginning of this sent shivers up and down my spine! however, probably one of the most AAAAAAAAMAZING things ive ever heard!

  35. xoxMiichelleeXOX Says:


  36. TheTazzoz Says:

    who the fuck voted against the video !its AMAZING!

  37. xxbryan56xx Says:


  38. Azmythera Says:

    The start freaked me out, I have to admit…

  39. illhorse Says:

    wkd mixes, i think Mother would be proud :)

  40. ofgabo Says:

    COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL OMG, ésa capacidad de hacer éste megamix me encantó *-*

  41. AliceInHipsterLanddd Says:

    Bits of this aren’t really remixed. DISAPOINTED.

  42. 02Voices01Song Says:

    Love the Psycho lead-in to Bad Romance! :D

  43. blacktemptation33 Says:

    a collection of creepy crawlers333

  44. gamaliel02 Says:

    May I use this for a video?

  45. cloudwife Says:

    GaGa rocks(:

  46. erickarlo123 Says:

    @TheCrawler333 fuck ya. this is ART

  47. MissSashaFierce10 Says:

    @TheCrawler333 If you don’t like her music, why the fuck are you sitting here listening to it?!?

    Fuckin dick..

  48. cheesepie1011 Says:

    “don’t call my ALEJANDRO!!”

    okay you heard her… stop it.

  49. TheCrawler333 Says:

    A collection of today’s garbage.

  50. Bink0633 Says:

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