emma frost's live strip poker face

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my first emma vid song- live strip poker face by-lady gaga i think this song is good for her i hope you like and marvel and dc girls coming in 2010
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25 Responses to “emma frost's live strip poker face”

  1. aimeeish Says:

    Fun! The part where she was tied up to that metal thing and you did that shatter effect while she was in diamond form was pretty sweet.

  2. serinalover42 Says:

    What a force whore you suck emma frost you metroid alien force whore my your dick be with you

  3. mirrorreflex Says:

    @tazfav On the plus side at least when this guy goes on your video to spam it with anti-Emma comments you still get an increase of views. By the way great video.

  4. VideoSam16 Says:

    This was Good!

  5. KaraLVRogueLZ Says:

    Kari Wahlgren made me love Emma Frost.

  6. adrimare1 Says:

    Ironic (or something) song, I guess, since Emma doesn’t need a poker face. She has telepathy and no qualms about using it to cheat.

  7. amorhombre Says:

    This song suits her well!! don’t know if he’s good or bad.

  8. SuperTruth77 Says:

    I bought Emma a drink in a club the other week!

    When she spoke to me, I pretended to have a really quiet voice, and when she leaned over to hear I licked her earlobe! She recoiled in visible horror and called me a ‘disgusting pervert’, then some men came and ejected me out onto the street. That tells me all I need to know- her ‘nice girl’ image is just an act. She is a horrible person who would commit war crimes if she had the chance…

  9. archer1949 Says:

    Next to Peter Parker, Emma Frost is my favorite Marvel character.

  10. SILVERTINKER4578 Says:

    @tazfav lol

  11. SILVERTINKER4578 Says:

    @darrinstampe lol

  12. raychamp01 Says:

    lady gaga for emma frost or lady gaga to play morrigan from darkstalkers

  13. TakaZeno Says:

    @darrinstampe You want to know whose a whore? Jean Grey. I like Jean and all, but she dresses like a whore.

  14. TakaZeno Says:

    @darrinstampe Dude, why you being such a douche? Lay off. If you don’t like Emma, then go to one of them anti Emma Frost videos or something. Don’t post your stupid petty shit on these videos that actually have fans of her.

  15. tazfav Says:

    @darrinstampe dont make me block u

  16. darrinstampe Says:


  17. TheSapphireDragon1 Says:

    @jamestebby okay that’s cool
    i have to admit your very formidable

  18. jamestebby Says:

    @TheSapphireDragon1 No sorry, i respect your view, but facts are facts and thats what i am basing my views on. its been stated that “there is a fine line between telepathy and telekinesis” which it why i have no trouble believing Emma has latent telekinesis but not empathy. telepathic powers may be able to imitate aspects of empathic powers but that said sue storms invisibility powers can mimic telekinesis doesn’t mean that there’s a link between them

  19. TheSapphireDragon1 Says:

    @jamestebby okay can’t we agree that Telepaths do have the potienal for empathy but is often classed as a seperate power.

  20. jamestebby Says:

    @TheSapphireDragon1yes Jean did sense her friends death but that was telepathic, it was the reason her telepathy was slow to grow Xavier put psychic blocks to help her cope with her power. Only skilled telepaths can manipulate the mind to make people feel things but its all in the mind so strong willed/mentally trained people can block/stop them empaths actually make the feeling happen on a chemical & emotional level which theres virtually no stopping if done properly thats the subtle difference

  21. TheSapphireDragon1 Says:

    @jamestebby Well you do have a point, and i give you the point that anything with Wiki isn’t the best reilable source. My thing is, since Jean Grey was able to sense her childhood freind’s death, and Xavier has use it before all telepaths had that ability

  22. jamestebby Says:

    @TheSapphireDragon1 marvelwiki isn’t a reliable source it can be edited by anyone. marvel .com has official bios on it including powers take a look.
    I’m going on the comics i’ve read with her in them, Emma could take on Xavier and jean but would rarely win as shes not as powerful as them she has to rely on skill & finesse, also being empathic to some ones feelings isnt a power human beings can tell if someone they’re close to is sad, happy etc so what? she’s his girlfriend thats to be expected

  23. TheSapphireDragon1 Says:

    @jamestebby: Well i’m going on what i read about her. I’m also siting Mavelwiki to back me up. In some cases, like the series showed, Emma was able to take on both Professor X and Jean Grey. She was empathic to Scott’s feelings, too.

  24. jamestebby Says:

    @TheSapphireDragon1 did you even read what i posted? i’m not saying she cant imitate aspects of empathy but she is not an empath neither were Xavier or Jean, their powers are based in the mind They can make people think they’re feeling something where as empaths actually make them feel it and for the record its bee widely acknowledged by Emma and others that she is not as strong or “in the same class” as Xavier or Jean. and whats her having resistance to her sisters powers got to do with it ?

  25. TheSapphireDragon1 Says:

    @jamestebby: In the past, Emma as taken control over peoples minds and really pulled some hardcore stuff while with the hellfire group. She’s in more or less the same class with Jean Grey and Profressor X, both with empathic abilities. So it’s stands to reason, that she can imitate this ability.
    Like Cyclops and his brothers, Emma and her sisters have resistances to each other powers.

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