Elvis Presley – The Gambler (DC)

February 16, 2012 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Video

This is Doug Church performing The Gambler with Elvis’ voice, and i think he’s very close to it. Elvis Presley on the video. Don’t forget that this is just a fantasy movie. Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to vote and comment :) a big hunk o’ love a boy like me, a girl like you a cane…

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25 Responses to “Elvis Presley – The Gambler (DC)”

  1. redneckgunshooter Says:

    holy shit i thought was actualy the king dam this dudes good

  2. KissfanNorway Says:

    WTF!?!?! seriously thought it was Elvis Presley singing! sure fooled me! really awesome

  3. FrancieMilligan Says:

    If you’re going to play the Game Boy™, you better learn to play it right.

  4. elCHAPOfehr Says:

    wow I didn’t read the top part at first , I thought it was the real elvis singing this song, very nice

  5. mrtats1963 Says:

    ever fort of the X FACTOR mate good job

  6. memphismaria1 Says:

    Not into impersonators but will let doug off he is probably the best .. if only it where Elvis TCE

  7. rfreer159 Says:

    00:13–”Someone took mah pills!”

  8. krustybiker Says:

    Wow, what could have been!

  9. saabysteve Says:

    Great job Doug loved it

  10. gadgiekof Says:

    love it doug,well done son:))

  11. marckokaram1 Says:

    @jake18028 what the fuck shut ur cunt

  12. jake180289 Says:

    @marckokaram1 Christ nobody cares how old you are.

  13. MYSELFANDI238 Says:

    close but forget the cigar

  14. MrDavidAQuinn Says:

    good clip…sound quality is poor, but video is good. nice try.

  15. marckokaram1 Says:

    i am 15 years old an i love this song :D

  16. tolanwann Says:

    Mr Doug is the King!!

  17. hilary111t Says:

    nearly crying listening to this, he sounds so much like the king, utterly fantastic!

  18. thyknight1 Says:

    if elvis did sing this before he died he would have made the best version but since he didnt it would have to be johnny cash

  19. MorrellXx Says:

    not as good as johnny cash’s version but still frikin awesome

  20. MJDickson69 Says:

    Can someone clear this up. Who the hell had this original. I would like to think the King Did?

  21. marc1bb Says:

    Whatever he sings HE IS THE BEST….THE KING

  22. hotforxx Says:

    I think this is straight on of how Elvis would have sung the song if he had lived. Very good

  23. RLEN67 Says:

    I wish Elvis had sung it because I think between him, Kenny Rogers and Johnny Cash ..Elvis would have sounded best.

  24. jayw228 Says:

    Elvis would have a sung a very similar version, his impersination is very good!

  25. jeremy23baller Says:

    Type in “the rock kenny rodgers wwe” to hear The Rock sing this

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