Ellie Goulding – Home (Lyrics on Screen – Album Version)

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Great Song ENJOY GO TO ELLIE’S OFFICIAL SITE: www.elliegoulding.com FOLLOW ELLIE ON TWITTER www.twitter.com “LIKE” ELLIE ON FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com BUY ELLIE’S ALBUM “LIGHTS” – USA itunes.apple.com BUY ELLIE’S ALBUM “BRIGHT LIGHTS” INCLUDING SEVEN NEW SONGS LIKE “YOUR SONG” AND “ANIMAL”. iTunes – zaphod.uk.vvhp.net Play – zaphod.uk.vvhp.net Amazon – zaphod.uk.vvhp.net HMV – zaphod.uk.vvhp.net DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN THIS VIDEO – FILE. THIS VIDEO IS FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY AND NO PROFIT IS GAIN. PROPERTY OF THE VIDEO BELONGS TO IT’S RIGHTFUL OWNERS. NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGMENT INTENDED!!! © RIGHTFUL OWNERS TAGS ellie goulding your song john lewis ellie goulding the writer lights you be artist ellie goulding concert live hd hq HD HQ High Quality Definition Live Performance your song hd ellie goulding Ellie Goulding elliegoulding live at live concert home bright lights starry eyed under the sheets writer your song pop electropop folktronica folk acoustic starsmith unplugged bbc taff ellie goulding starry eyed mtv home live rock am ring brit pop music lights number one unplugged rage against the machine acoustic ellie goulding golding under the shee ellie goulding the end under sheets love dolphins are sexy scuba Your Song Ellie Goulding British Indie Starry Eyed Under the Sheets Wish I Stayed rihanna beyonce only girl in the world lady gaga björk ellie goulding concert live hd hq HD HQ High Quality Definition Live Performance your song hd ellie goulding Ellie
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Guy is dealing cards on a amazing way. www.youtube.com/Moonesi :”This guys name is Paul. and he usually works with two collegues on a show called “The Real Hustle UK”. VERY Good show and a very amazing artist. ”
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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48 Responses to “Ellie Goulding – Home (Lyrics on Screen – Album Version)”

  1. youcantseemenow100 Says:

    This.is.my.new.fav.song. o.m.g.

  2. symphonicrefrain Says:

    Ellie Goulding fans: help out an emerging artist!
    1. Open a new tab.
    2. Youtube: Symphonic Refrain
    3. Enjoy the music
    Please THUMBS UP so others will see this!!

  3. launterluva654 Says:

    @BesyCullen i am juss listenin to all ur videos…… THEY R EVERYWHERE!!! lol

  4. SadieMcVie Says:

    Thanks for giving me perspective I can appreciate when I look in the mirror.

  5. EiZzNyan Says:

    pure magic.

  6. daysweignore Says:

    1 Person doesn’t have a home..

  7. MegaElliegouldingfan Says:

    WOW Ellie is AMAZING she’s made me happy in so many ways !! She’s my idol and this is one of my favorite songs out of her many great ones !

  8. miiiiiichelleeeeee Says:

    This hits HOME way too hard.

  9. AvaSpencerWAEFM Says:

    Haunting yet captivating….. Amazing.

  10. launterluva654 Says:

    that dick who disliked this is gonna get an ass whooping

  11. BesyCullen Says:

    you’re welcome
    i’m glad you like it ;D

  12. KleinerKoala10 Says:


  13. kimlekas Says:

    amazing voice and song… i love..

  14. singerwithpride Says:

    this is my new favoritesong and i cant stop singing it

  15. Littleladygaga01 Says:

    This song blew my mind away

  16. wawol123 Says:

    She should release this song coz it’s amazen and my fav :D xx
    Gr8 vid btw ;) xx

  17. moshergirl14 Says:

    my favourite song…. so gr8!

  18. phoebelebe Says:

    <3 i love this song <3 :)

  19. MsBethanyyh Says:

    holy crap
    new favourite song?

  20. BesyCullen Says:

    i don’t have the karaoke version and i didn’t find it

  21. SophiePandaBear Says:

    can you do this karaoke please?

  22. chloee575 Says:

    i love this song soo much, thanks for the lyrics (:

  23. fussballfreak1 Says:

    thx for the lyrics :)

  24. OrangeKittehXx Says:

    ahhhhh thank you for putting her new song on here! <3

  25. fonejacker2008 Says:

    3:27 fail haha

  26. ProBigJez Says:

    my gf asked why couldn’t i shuffle like the guy, so i asked why she couldn’t look like the girls. u am now single. fml

  27. chessmeister Says:

    it was good… until the zarrow…

  28. icedragon109 Says:

    240p we meet again

  29. RealRoulette Says:

    Paul Wilson

  30. anihanuman Says:

    @Bouncest2 im just staring at the hot ass girl with the pink top.:P

  31. anihanuman Says:

    im just staring at the hot ass girl with the pink top.:P

  32. anihanuman Says:

    @Bouncest2 im staring at the hot girl with the pink top :P

  33. Rasmus1231000 Says:

    Holy fuck.. O.o

  34. mamasboi9090 Says:

    @ 0:23 the girl on the right knows im touching myself O.O

  35. blackjacksecretcode Says:

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  36. belowthepovertyline Says:

    Misdirection sitting on the left and right.

  37. iminyouhead Says:


  38. braxy29 Says:

    okay, watched the rest. i’m totally impressed. :)

  39. braxy29 Says:

    you could see him dealing out of the middle, but i’m still impressed that he knew where they were to do it.

  40. caskinfg Says:

    @eastereggg maybe for some reason she thought she was asked to add the numbers

  41. supernick345 Says:

    Strangest HD I’ve ever seen

  42. grumpchong Says:


  43. solomanz10 Says:

    the guy is from the real hustle u.k its a show where they cheat people in everything even poker or blackjack

  44. bBoyMikE13 Says:

    bottom deal…

  45. nerrciss01 Says:

    this guy is amazing… However I believe girls are just for the distraction, other people are the real crowd

  46. nerrciss01 Says:

    I will never play cards again with someone i don’t know O_O

  47. VastatorOfBorg Says:

    Ricky Jay is better

  48. goldmeistergeneral Says:

    @SonseyHD Paul Wilson is his name

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