Eddie Hitler and Richard Richard playing Poker! Bottom

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Rick Mayall and Ade Edmonson in the series Bottom playing Poker.
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25 Responses to “Eddie Hitler and Richard Richard playing Poker! Bottom”

  1. StayUgly Says:

    @jbutton113 The “worst” one of their live shows. Still funny though.

  2. jbutton113 Says:

    @StayUgly I’ve seen most of them, not got round to seeing An Arse Oddity yet.

  3. StayUgly Says:

    @jbutton113 Have you seen the live shows?

  4. careface2k6 Says:

    GAS MAN!!! GAS MAN!!!

  5. ChannelEden Says:

    Hello mr gas-maaaan!

  6. xHAL5T3Dx Says:

    @TheMitchy93 i no thats the bit that makes me kaugh all the time

  7. TheMitchy93 Says:

    “What do you mean 3 pairs, your only allowed 5 cards”
    ………minutes later……..
    “right what have you got”
    “5 Kings”

  8. Davewise1965 Says:

    One of the best comedy shows ever.

  9. jbutton113 Says:

    3p in real money never fails to make me laugh, one of the best shows ever, shame they didnt make more episodes

  10. wpinklady Says:

    @sirxho888 oh bloody hell haha!!

  11. sirxho888 Says:

    @wpinklady u wanna chose your words carefully

  12. ChazJayHeaton Says:

    this is great :D
    thanks for this :D

  13. dynamo772 Says:

    this show is so fn funny ive watched this show since i was a kid so funny

  14. LeoArctica Says:

    @Chrisbajs a – fucking – lot XD

  15. LeoArctica Says:

    @LukehStrife cheating stupid bastard XD

  16. wpinklady Says:


  17. adamhully Says:

    instand 5 stars for the title alone. eddie hitler and richard richard hahaha

  18. Vertman3000 Says:

    Damn I’m gonna end up counting now

  19. bolloxinator Says:

    OMG there’s someone here explaining that someone’s explaining a joke! etc etc etc etc

  20. KevL75 Says:

    5 kings OMG Theres someone here explaining a joke!!lol;-]

  21. icecreamandsingasong Says:


  22. LukehStrife Says:

    LOL 5 kings

  23. TheAlmightyDom Says:

    Comedy gods!

  24. Chrisbajs Says:

    I wonder how many times they say “Right” in the whole show.

  25. danny1374 Says:

    A signed photo of sue carpenter lmao

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