Easy Hold 'em Poker Strategy: Use a Point System

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Easy Hold ‘em Poker Strategy. How to Select Best Poker Starting Hands in Texas Hold ‘Em Poker Using a Point System

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You don’t have to remember card combination if you make the poker starting hands decision based on points. Assign each of your cards a point value and check your position in the table.

If the number of points in your hand exceed or equal the number of points required taking into account your player position (early, middle, late) and the nature of your cards (pocket pairs, suited cards, unsuited non-pair cards), you should play the hand, otherwise you should fold.

If you are the SB, you can divide the number of required points by 2, provided no one raises. If you are the BB, checking is always an option you should make use of.

Whereas : 9 or ten = 1 point, Jack = 2 points, Queen = 3 points, King = 4 points, Ace = 5 points, 2 suited cards = 1 point, low pair (min. 5 5) = 1 point, medium pair (min. 8 8 ) = 2 points

There is one additional rule to this table: Avoid playing big cards with small kickers (e.g. below 5). This is one limit of the table, as it only considers the total value of your hand, not the individual value of each card. A more conservative approach would tell you that a small kicker would be below 9. In that case, the table takes into account the constraint.

Another limit is that the table does not attribute any importance to sequence cards (e.g. 78), even though such a combination could be considered an advantage.

The table reads as follows: if you are in an early position, you need at least an 88 pair or 2 suited cards with a total value of 5 (e.g. jack / queen) or 2 unsuited cards with a total value of 8 (e.g. Ace queen). As your position becomes more favorable, the number of points required decreases. Notice the sequence 0 1 2 6 8 in the table, which makes it very easy to remember.

As a whole, the table rather corresponds to a conservative Hold ‘em Poker Strategy. However, it can be made more aggressive simply by decreasing each of the number of points required and it will still remain a system.

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