DX strip live strip poker (version 2)

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HBK, HHH and Chyna Strip live strip poker for longer version: www.youtube.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

The Killers Have A Game Of Strip Poker At Jimmy Kimmel Live
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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43 Responses to “DX strip live strip poker (version 2)”

  1. trudoll Says:

    Serves the Headbangers right.. that what a damn good game.

  2. devonthomas123457 Says:

    Hilarious wen hbk smashed that bottle over dudes head

  3. cooldude9404 Says:

    Serves them right for ruining a good strip poker game D:<

  4. irock38444 Says:

    Shawn Michaels should of always wear underwear in the ring so we can see more of his bulging cock

  5. isxbel1 Says:

    thanks verry much chyna!!!

  6. MtDewgirl09 Says:

    Good lord I can totally remember why I loved Shawn so much since I was 4 with clips likes these XD

    He is one sexy man.. gunna miss him now that he’s no longer wrestling.. Rebecca is a lucky woman

  7. thephantomplatypus Says:

    lmao every time i see this.

  8. Tito478 Says:

    geez hbk gots a nice ass

  9. Tito478 Says:

    @crazydragon2000 no! the new one is missing chyna…

  10. DaSkillet713 Says:

    When was this 1998?

  11. cottoncandyboy Says:

    nice body….

  12. staymik Says:

    damm he is so hot i just want to grab his ass

  13. thephantomplatypus Says:

    1:38 – “have a drink on me!” lol

  14. crazydragon2000 Says:

    dx is cool the new and old

  15. falseeyelashes91 Says:

    I think I would be too! lol

  16. Charlie874es Says:



  17. thephantomplatypus Says:

    the headbangers got their asses kicked. classic!

  18. LibreVisionNetwork Says:

    0:15, Chyna was more excited than a pre-teen chick

  19. thekillers274 Says:

    I really wish Brandon lost that.…

  20. MsTigerpower Says:


  21. QLFILMS Says:


  22. smilie4evar Says:

    Why couldn’t Brandon have been losing!!!

  23. couturecutie367 Says:

    @MrBrandon621 haha, yes I agree

  24. MrBrandon621 Says:

    i cant believe this…. an hour ago i was wondering what his legs look like and i knew theyd be sexy! i saw this on youtube, clicked on it and saw his beautiful legs… ahh soooooo gorgeous i love you brandon flowers!!!

  25. invalidlove10 Says:

    ooo brandon!! look at his boxer briefs. oooo soooo cute!!!

  26. couturecutie367 Says:

    Omg, I know! I nearly melted into a pile of goo when viewing…lol. I made that comment about a month ago before the picture was made public. But yes, that picture certainly is heaven :D

  27. karleymason1 Says:


    there is a pic of brandon shirtless :) )
    and it is heaven!

  28. couturecutie367 Says:

    oooh Brandon`s so yummy :P

  29. couturecutie367 Says:

    @karleymason1 omg ik ,a picture of Brandon shirtless would be a piece of heaven…. :)

  30. marii4nA Says:

    OMG hahahahhaa

  31. danigobe Says:


  32. swverausc214 Says:

    @unchainedheart I love Dave!

  33. ameflowers Says:


  34. unchainedheart Says:

    why does brandon get all the love? he’s hot don’t get me wrong but i think i like dave more

  35. hellomimi25 Says:

    ummm id rather see brandon take it all of, PLEASE!!!!! love you baby<3

  36. DinoSaysRarr Says:

    hahahahaha i likey some brando w/o pants ;) ))))))

  37. MrsTjBrightside Says:

    Dave Get’s it all off HAHA.

  38. selinaland Says:

    ommgg! LMFAO

    Sexy sey sexy legs brandon ;DDD

    wow, my life’s complete :D DDDDDDDDDDD


  39. flossy888 Says:

    ok my life is now offically complte loll =P

  40. 163m Says:

    sexy legs Brandon!

  41. FlowersFanatic Says:


    *high five*

  42. gocrazy95 Says:

    awesome xD

  43. PushingPies Says:

    “Beatrice, give The Killers their clothes back!”

    WAT!? Don’t you dare, Beatrice!

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