Duke Nukem Forever: Strip Club Secret Room

January 25, 2012 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Video

Welcome to FixxerGaming, this is just a short video to show you guys how to get into the locked private room on Duke Nukem Forever. Please subscribe we would love your support!
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25 Responses to “Duke Nukem Forever: Strip Club Secret Room”

  1. Spartan375X Says:

    If you really want to see what’s on the clip, go ask your mom to buy you this fucking game! I got the game myself because I was interested in the game itself, not for the fake tits and crude language! Simple!

  2. jakov321 Says:

    @Coorweiser ME FUCKING TOO

  3. Supervisor69 Says:


  4. mugenrider754 Says:


  5. gofastorbelast1414 Says:

    Nutbusters i got that video


    @cyborgdata its one of the levels its weird haha

  7. cyborgdata Says:

    where do i find the strip club, do i have to beat the game first? thanks.

  8. jakejakejake55 Says:

    @WeZzeh oh yeh sorry i forget some times

  9. xxxLWAMPoLWxxx Says:

    this is not a secret

  10. deepfriedchicken45 Says:

    pause at 0:33

  11. WeZzeh Says:

    @jakejakejake55 umm no it’s not… it’s “holsom”

  12. TheLoopyAlchemist Says:

    Dukeray kicks BlueRay’s Ass!

  13. jakejakejake55 Says:

    @FixxerGaming there called kate and mary molsom

  14. Piledriver86 Says:

    …How is this a secret? Its part of the actual mission in the level.

  15. MultiKnaki Says:

    [19:25:38] Pralax – Kevin: Joint unseren Freepuild/survival server (root) Erwachsenes Admin team
    noch kleine comnunity

  16. EFSpartan Says:

    What the hell that’s my apartment Number. “Not My Babes, Not in my town!”

  17. Mateo3X1L3 Says:

    man …dont make me buy this game only to see that video

  18. YEROCnamrus Says:

    Were did you find the code?

  19. Spirrwell Says:

    @team0blackmanner It could be considered secret since you need a code, AND there is other vibrators, you don’t need to get it from in there. So it’s technically a secret.

  20. Foldeath Says:

    And I tought the code was 4168 and never got it…

  21. gongonz1037 Says:

    whats behind the door with the breakable lock? the one that shows an exit sign in the back

  22. team0blackmanner Says:

    It’s not secret..


    Hey red2cross5 stop being a faggot

  24. Ryand2233 Says:

    U wanna watch it

  25. The026188 Says:

    at 38 sec you can see boobs

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