Doubles Poker Championship: Episode 4

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DOUBLES POKER CHAMPIONSHIP, premiered, August 14 at 9:00pm (ET/PT) and is a dramatic new 13-week television series from POKER PROductions that highlights the action at the recent Doubles Poker Championship at the Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. The buy-in for this tournament was a hefty 000 per player. Thirty-two of the top professional real money play online poker players in the world competed as two-person teams that shared each hand, with million in first-place prize money awarded to the winning team. Among those who competed were big name stars Phil Ivey, Tom Dwan, Phil Hellmuth, Johnny Chan, David Benyamine, Annie Duke, Chris Ferguson, Gus Hansen, and Jennifer Harman. Poker player/fashion model Lacey Jones serves as the series’ host.

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25 Responses to “Doubles Poker Championship: Episode 4”

  1. jarppe123 Says:

    K9 call is marginal, not horrible…

  2. chaim420 Says:

    what’s with ivey ignoring cunningham’s handshake?

  3. Araknophobik Says:

    the female host creepes me out with her voice/emotionless swagger and maniquen like movement

  4. CharlesBrayden Says:

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  5. StevenLehr4 Says:

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  6. ghas Says:

    weneva i look at phil hellmuth i laugh,guy is hilarious!

  7. thetitan1988 Says:

    how bad is the call all in with K9… if my partner did that i’d slap him in the face

  8. thetitan1988 Says:

    how bad is the call all in with K9…

  9. WyattBaratto Says:


  10. ekswfrenwn7 Says:

    Lol @ Ferguson hugging Antonio

  11. GhostAccount56 Says:

    @91Holdem nigga is 6’6.

  12. GhostAccount56 Says:

    gus is the worst player. no wonder he loses a lot in cash games online and live, plus he hasn’t done anything in tournies in like, what, 5 years. in the long run bad players like gus never hold up. if not for his full tilt contract this guy would be living on the streets.

  13. crazyyy3317 Says:

    johhny chan is a fucking baller.

  14. backlip19 Says:

    @bamboo all of these games are probably filmed right after eachother. just working an 8 hour shift

  15. backlip19 Says:

    lacey jones is so damn hot!

  16. 91Holdem Says:

    hellmuth is tall…

  17. Duzykutas Says:

    LOL at Hellmuth. Nice vest son.

  18. bamboo Says:

    Why is that dealer on every poker show?

  19. vzrandom Says:

    Totally agree with Pradiip

  20. TampaMan4 Says:

    ivey’s watch = ridonculous

  21. blackchilliwing Says:


    He and Allen Cunningham are close friends. He probably just didn’t notice or thought that they extended their hands to shake David’s hand instead.

  22. zLEGENDz Says:

    @SnareStyle10 4 handed, good kicker, flush and gutshot draws, getting almost 3 to 1 to call… with small stacks, players will push with marginal hands and KQ does beat around 2/3 of possible hands on a board like that

  23. girlie347 Says:

    Ivey being Ivey again at 14:50
    Lichtenberger probably already knows what’s going to happen, so he doesn’t even try to extend his hand to Ivey who is ignoring him, just shakes Benyamine’s hand. Cunningham probably didn’t know this, because he does try to shake Ivey’s hand who just walks past his extended hand to shake Hellmuths.
    The guy is so rude, thinks he’s above the others and only greets his friends. He probably considers Internet players and players he doesn’t know as unworthy morons

  24. ArchRascal Says:

    What the hellmuth is going on with that vest?!

  25. jonjescabar Says:

    @cachambi I could think something else I’d rather see on her face nauhauhauhauuauauauauuauauaau

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