Doubles Poker Championship: Episode 3

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DOUBLES POKER CHAMPIONSHIP, premiered, August 14 at 9:00pm (ET/PT) and is a dramatic new 13-week television series from POKER PROductions that highlights the action at the recent Doubles Poker Championship at the Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. The buy-in for this tournament was a hefty 000 per player. Thirty-two of the top professional poker players in the world competed as two-person teams that shared each hand, with million in first-place prize money awarded to the winning team. Among those who competed were big name stars Phil Ivey, Tom Dwan, Phil Hellmuth, Johnny Chan, David Benyamine, Annie Duke, Chris Ferguson, Gus Hansen, and Jennifer Harman. Poker player/fashion model Lacey Jones serves as the series’ host.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

The first episode of Season 4, starts with the return of Poker Brat Phil Hellmuth back after his much talked about meltdown on HSP season 2. And the game is on as they play Seven deuce…where all the players have to pay 0 for anyone that can win a hand with seven deuce. But when the Poker Brat lands deuce 7, can he make The Mouth fold with a pair of Kings? Todd Brunson, Phil Laak, Esfandiari, Voulgaris, and Mike “The Mouth” Matusow sit down for this all cash game.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 Responses to “Doubles Poker Championship: Episode 3”

  1. EraserNZ Says:

    @AceOnParade rofl to funny

  2. BMthe12th Says:

    mike would fold the A3h

  3. purecano Says:

    I’ve lost ALL respect for annette after watching this, patronising hussy.

  4. doflegend291 Says:

    a FAT bitch

  5. kltl28 Says:

    laak and mike is a funny pair

  6. crazzzyyyfoooolll Says:

    Commentator: ” I’ve noticed that guys who have been around poker for 20 years are usually pretty sharp”

  7. 91Holdem Says:

    good god annette fucking hell, stop being a massive fat bitch at the poker table and go back to the kitchen and make me a sandwitch….hold the mayo

  8. 91Holdem Says:


  9. ant0nkk Says:

    someone please shut that fat bitch.

  10. mrssromero Says:


  11. Philboy50 Says:

    @mvogt lmfao is that a rule? i mean i think most of the old school players that were successfull earlyer are bad no question but huck is one of the guys who can still play (in tournaments) with the younger generation.
    and about anette, she is definatly overrated and most of all she overrates herself. she thinks she´s the real deal after all that media boom around her but she just looks ridicoulus in everything she plays…

  12. mvogt Says:

    @Philboy50 “huck is constistantly winning over about 20 years, you think he is on a 20 year heater? ” – yes.
    Some grinders play in a week what he played in 20 years. Any 2/4+ regular winning more than 2ptbb/100 over 500k hands is way way better than any WSOP champ.

  13. Philboy50 Says:

    @mvogt lol@”almost all live poker players are fish”. i mean every liveplayer plays online aswell and every (successfull) live player plays online aswell. what is obrestad comepared to seed? she won one single turny live and sucks at everything else she plays, huck is constistantly winning over about 20 years, you think he is on a 20 year heater? no matter if its live or online, you think him winning half his life is variance? i bet you obrestad won´t win 2 bracelets in the next 15 years!

  14. chiefdrippindyck Says:

    @Livenderrr if she isnt eating she is complaning

  15. mvogt Says:

    @Philboy50 Almost all live poker players are fish, especially those who became famous because of a tournament win. Obrestad won a tourney, too. But she is winning in online cash games over 100k+ hands. She played 10x+ more pokerhands than huck did.
    Live players success is mostly variance.

  16. mvogt Says:

    @Livenderrr She is right. Lets play HU, fish.

  17. Philboy50 Says:

    wow, how can some overrated poker newcomer like obrestad srsly question some hyper established pro for 20 years like that? all the media and fame obviously came to that fat ass head, does she think these retarded sunglases and 2 pounds make up make her look older?

  18. Philboy50 Says:

    20:02, LOL@dwan

  19. bamboo Says:


  20. Fr33co Says:

    how she dare to talk huck seed like that maybe the best post flop player in the world, and wsop main event champion, fcking whale.

  21. Fr33co Says:

    EPic bad fold by Duke with Odds, and those Turbo blinds -.-

  22. sneak108 Says:

    annette is a pretty lady!! how bout a few thumbs up?

  23. scuz55 Says:

    annette u fuckin whore

  24. HoldUpOneTime Says:

    this is gonna get so interesting at the end when teams are paired with people that need to win the match to advance with people that just need 3rd or 2nd.

  25. dclhsps Says:

    WTF!! Seems like they cut out 80% of the hands

  26. Kalgon1 Says:

    please call please call please call please call… please have aces…

  27. gorgeousgeorge23 Says:

    @bootlegsessions lol, i know right. Esfandiari blows and is a nit much more than the Mouth.

  28. Kingxervis Says:

    @AA72AA72 You’re an idiot, side games are prop bets and or other games outside of the main poker. Not that you would know.

  29. ComicallySanePolitic Says:

    Who else picked this one because the video picture has Hellmuth all worked up from someone else’s terrible play?

  30. macarthur19 Says:

    Mike “The Coke head” Matusow

  31. bootlegsessions Says:

    By the way….how much of an asshole is Brian Brandon! “I’m a tiger”.

  32. bootlegsessions Says:

    I love how Esfandaria keeps taunting that nit Mike, As if Antonio is much better!

  33. AA72AA72 Says:

    Phil Hellmuth: “I crushed everyone in the world for 20 years in side games and cash games.”

    That’s the same thing Phil, unless side games means you jacking it to yourself.

  34. xbackagainx Says:

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  35. DerniereFan Says:

    @MrZedeakhond Now i got it , yeah he’s stupid for sayin those ~ tried to be funny but ruined it all , though i don think he’s a bad person , he might be dumb but not a as bad as u think he is .
    Btw, dude those arent few bucks ! the kid is millionaire ! dont u ever call 500 grand few bucks .

  36. DerniereFan Says:

    what the fuck r u talkin bout it !?!?! why’d he do ?!

  37. HGLinkous80 Says:

    Phil Hellmuth, although a evry accomplished tournament player, is a nit, and has the attitude of a child. He can go suck on a dead dog’s nose or piss up a rope. His choice.

  38. PokerInTheBrain Says:

    I can see where hellmuth is comin from. This amature comes outta nowhere, sits down at the table and starts tryin to needle hellmuth. Winding him up for no reason… personally i think brandon is a fuckin prick

  39. KOHORTON Says:

    @tobiaspieffers nope… its mike:)

  40. ojideagu Says:

    @whisky432 I’d wager more American’s shoot guns then Iranians. It’s more in American blood and culture. Iranians are not Arabs.

  41. dabracan Says:

    matusow the biggest fish in the hsp

  42. dabracan Says:

    @PokahProphet LOL nl2fish

  43. ddog892 Says:

    @MrZedeakhond death to iran

  44. MrZedeakhond Says:

    people die for their nationality,culture ,lands ,esfandiary forgot that who he is ,these are people who backstab their own mother for few bucks.fuck him

  45. heatherhunty Says:

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  46. 07Bolla Says:


  47. xbackagainx Says:

    He is well ahead on the flop and then one of the worst possible cards come off on the turn. Nowdays is easy i think, you can get free 50 $ starting capital from Pokerfrik website and start your carrier.

  48. Hoontae Says:

    anyone notice the nice boobs next to Laak’s head?

  49. NiTMHs1215 Says:

    fuck brian brandon

  50. xFpsPwnagex Says:

    ”The Phil Hellmuth Show” is the worst show ever…

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