DJ Hero DLC – Expert – "Lady GaGa "Poker Face" / Duran Duran "Girls On Film" 5*

October 14, 2010 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Video I’m not very good at this game watch mDawg, mast3rball3r, or parzrevenge instead. This mix is amazing but this pack is the kind of thing good players FC and never play again- which means it’s perfect for a DJ Hero nub leik me!

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19 Responses to “DJ Hero DLC – Expert – "Lady GaGa "Poker Face" / Duran Duran "Girls On Film" 5*”

  1. yasminlara123 Says:

    é foda ;D

  2. toymasheenSH Says:

    @PrincessPeach59 thanks!

  3. PrincessPeach59 Says:

    nice playin’ dude!

  4. toymasheenSH Says:

    @wizkid2D I need a stand to play standing up- I’m like 6’2 so my ghetto options are limited haha

  5. wizkid2D Says:

    as an on and off DJ myself, I hate when people play games like this and don’t get into it. These games ere meant to have fun playing the music you know and some you don’t. You would never see sitting down playing this. And I know this game is more about playing good and getting the most points, nut it really bugs people butcher the knob so much. IT doesn’t even sound good anymore just going back and forth so fast.

  6. TurboTriggR Says:

    dooooooooood get lessons if u hav 360 live my account is same as ytube tag

  7. toymasheenSH Says:

    @saxaphonejoe you gotta know where you are on the crossfader for when you run out.

  8. saxaphonejoe Says:

    Y r u crossfadin in euphoria

  9. delongebrodeur Says:

    @GunnerJaxxon Elliott always makes a mess of my pots and pants even if i do repost this message

  10. oilkills Says:

    Yep, they’re very good friends. Wierd huh?
    Did you see Pattons version?
    He makes everything sound great!!!

  11. toymasheenSH Says:

    @oilkills Lady GaGa is actually friends with Mike Patton?

  12. oilkills Says:

    Here’s you’re Six degrees of Separation!
    Buckethead and Mike Patton were in John Zorn!
    Deli Creeps toured with Faith no More ALOT!!!
    So Bucket and Patton are good friends.
    Stefani Germanotta is a metal chick that studied voice and piano as a child and performed songs by Zepplin and Floyd early in her career. She has been good friends with Patton since the 90′s and so now, Patton did a cover of her song Poker Face (Best version)! Btw, her name is taken from the Queen song Radio Gaga. Peace!

  13. LukeK195 Says:

    Wow. God, that looks comfusing. You’ve got buttons, a turn table, a flip-switch and a turny knob. I could never do that.

  14. toymasheenSH Says:

    @parzrevenge lol 9 – 4

  15. toymasheenSH Says:

    @theeDeadlights it’s even more awesome

  16. theeDeadlights Says:

    scrth reel rcords!!!1 This game looks pretty fun, wonder what they will be doing in the second?

  17. parzrevenge Says:

    inb4 the dislikes ur most likely to get from gaga haters :O
    thnx 4 shoutout, although i dont think i should my name should be in the same sentence as mdawg and master :p

  18. GunnerJaxxon Says:

    i am an elliott. i ahev a n xbox360 and i play dj hero w/ my turntable. if you dont repost this comment on 10 other pages i will fly into your kitchen tonight and make a mess of your pots and pans

  19. PSPRULESnotDS Says:

    yay for dj hero

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