Discover the Explosive History of Online Poker

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Discover the Explosive History of Online Poker

Poker has been around for more than two centuries already.  It is one of the oldest card games in the world and its popularity has never waned until today.  In fact, with the introduction of online gaming and live TV events, the popularity of poker reached unprecedented heights. 

The history of play real money poker is very colorful.  Although this game is more than 200 years old, play real money poker is only a recent phenomenon.  In order to understand the beginnings of Internet-based poker, here is a brief overview of its history and some major developments that shaped modern poker rooms. 

Online Casinos and Poker

The history of play real money poker is closely related to the development of online casinos.  The technology for placing real time bets online was developed by the first online casinos. Specifically, sports bettors were the ones who first enjoyed online gaming when the first online sportsbook was established in mid 1990s. 

Sports-betting, however, does not provide real time and multiplayer gaming. The software for interactive games was developed by MicroGaming in 1994.  It was able to put into operation the first online casino allowing gamblers to play in real time. 

After 1994, hundreds of online casinos were established but it was only in 1998 that the first Internet based poker room was created.  The distinction of being the first play real money poker room belongs to Planet Poker.  This site immediately went ballistic in terms of player base and activity.  However, this poker room has been overshadowed by other big networks today. 

The Poker Spot Fiasco

By 1999, the play real money poker industry was in full swing. Unfortunately, the first big setback was also experienced during this year.  This is known in poker world as the Poker Spot fiasco.  Poker Spot is an play real money poker company owned by a Dutch businessman.  This room became an industry leader because it pioneered online tournament events. 

However, Poker Spot failed to pay winning players because it could not collect money from its payment processor.  The room eventually went under because of the scandal.  This development led to the introduction of electronic wallet system.  From year 2000 onwards, almost all poker rooms have been using this system to guarantee payments for winning players. 

Advances in Software Technology

Online poker has become a multibillion industry from 2001 until today.  This was made possible by the great advances in software development.  Modern poker software today has become leaner, more stable, and user friendly. 

Aside from Texas Holdem, other real money pokers and variations were also introduced like Omaha, Seven Card Stud, Razz, Badugi, and oriental-type poker.  The most successful poker rooms today have millions of active players.  These poker rooms can attract hundreds of thousands of players every day.    

The history of play real money poker is indeed very explosive.  In a very brief period, online rooms contributed significantly to the entire poker industry.  Online poker enabled millions of people to enjoy the game.  It also opened the way for promising players to compete in the World Series and face some of the greatest poker personalities. 

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