did president bush pass the online poker "ban" bill?

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Question by CHARLES B: did president bush pass the poker real money “ban” bill?
I heard he was supposed to sign it today, yet have found no news on the topic?

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Answer by Tristan
yes – thre have been several new items about it on CNN

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  1. blueman2 Says:


  2. bigirv@sbcglobal.net Says:

    Yes. He learned how to write just in time to sign the bill. It went into effect today.

  3. Father Ashley Says:

    I’ve done a full article reviewing the details of the so-called “Internet Gambling Ban”. The page includes a link to all sites allowing American players.


    There IS no ban! The Act Bush signed changes nothing. DON’T PANIC!!

    The Church of Texas Holdem:

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