Desert Storm 2009 Poker Run – Sunday POPRA race boat roll

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Desert Storm 2009 Poker Run – Sunday POPRA race boat roll

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13 Responses to “Desert Storm 2009 Poker Run – Sunday POPRA race boat roll”

  1. race2race1 Says:

    Did they lose a drive to cause it to roll? Any info on what happened?

  2. ViperSRTnACR Says:

    Glad they’re ok and I have to say that I’ve never seen a boat roll and recover like that before in my life of growing up boating. Glad no one was seriously hurt…

  3. atreyufan600 Says:

    @Sjamsucks hahahaha so true!

  4. 41Apache900SC Says:

    did the top of the canopy come off?

  5. snowrida1 Says:

    they could of blew a drive?

  6. jim1884 Says:

    They were in our camp @ Havasue both were OK .

  7. Thestovermister Says:

    no trim tabs in the water? Doesn’t it look like there is too much boat in the water to be going that fast?

  8. Sjamsucks Says:

    A boat that big shouldn’t have rolled over on a lake =S
    “Tonight on unsolved mysteries…” lol

  9. Advanguard Says:

    At that speed, it must have been like hitting concrete, not water.
    Hope everyone was OK.

  10. solarcat1 Says:

    What the hell happened??? They were running fine and all of a sudden they barrelrolled

  11. solarcat1 Says:

    I hope no one was hurt…

  12. MYBOSS2009 Says:

    big roll,sweet

  13. azrios Says:

    We saw this last Sunday…. Lucky !!!!!

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