Dead Rising 2 Strip Poker

June 23, 2011 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Video

i win girl strips :) i am the knight of live strip poker LMAO

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6 Responses to “Dead Rising 2 Strip Poker”

  1. AXELSTEEL66666 Says:

    @syncrjr Well heres what i would do kill the bank man and save jack and two women then u can play jack in poker

  2. AXELSTEEL66666 Says:

    @syncrjr Thats why next time only save him and two women ;)

  3. syncrjr Says:


  4. AXELSTEEL66666 Says:

    @syncrjr have u got the other 3 women there and the bank man?

  5. syncrjr Says:

    How come I can’t play poker with Jack? He’s in the poker room but never plays.

  6. AXELSTEEL66666 Says:

    I dont know how to play poker but all i know if u have high cards like a king jack queen Ace raise that shit up and win i got lucky :D

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