Dead Rising 2 Strip Poker Gameplay

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Dead Rising 2 Strip Poker Gameplay copyright capcom and blue castle games.
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This one is more fun to watch as you can see the ai strips down nake ;D But if you feel you don’t like to watch something boring, just skip this video. Got a call just before entering the Safe room for “Ante Up” This is strip live strip poker with the survivors. Theres no actual money lose if you lose, it just strip one piece of your clothing off. This mission is much easier than “High Rollers”. So if you can win that mission, I’m sure you can win this easily. You just need to eliminated one person to clear the mission and additional for more PP Keys/Pointer: Save before doing this. Raise high. If you want to bluff, do it before you see the 4th card. Usually best is before seeing the first 3 cards. Playlist:

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50 Responses to “Dead Rising 2 Strip Poker Gameplay”

  1. MrToast886 Says:

    i saved to dude with the hat and i could play poker but he is never there does he come randomly?

  2. drdrillvga Says:

    @TheRoflWafl this video i used my dazzle dvc 100, but now i use the hauppauge hd pvr

  3. TheRoflWafl Says:

    what do you use to record your gameplay?

  4. beastieguy12 Says:

    chuck-”ha ha! take ur shoes off!”

  5. suggestions8 Says:

    @TheRupuss I’m not talking about how long it took, i’m talking about how much he sucks at it.

  6. TheRupuss Says:

    @suggestions8 bet ur no better than him and besides it takes along time for them to actually strip

  7. GlitchMasta Says:

    @juan2066 lol

  8. juan2066 Says:

    @GlitchMasta gav him a serv… haha

  9. suggestions8 Says:

    God you suck at poker

  10. GlitchMasta Says:

    @upmostmountain hey “r-tard” look at 5:54

  11. upmostmountain Says:

    thats not strip poker thats normal poker artards.

  12. Drebin890 Says:

    which r good card combos

  13. bloodshoteye5 Says:

    I all ways lose

  14. MinnesotaFanJun Says:

    @ectaserlok29 rofl

  15. MinnesotaFanJun Says:

    rofl ect

  16. ectaserlok29 Says:

    i got the helmet by beating him but i dont even know how to play poker :)

  17. lafemxtina Says:

    @RAIDENISLIGHTNING you get the night helmet from jack you get the boots from pawn shop and the armor idk


    what does the knight outfit do

  19. HappyPacMan1 Says:

    i wanted kristin to get it all off

  20. cybrid37 Says:

    Ugh…I need to get Jack’s helmet but dammit I dont even know how to play Ante Up. I just keep pressing buttons.

  21. 1lu2ma3ca Says:

    I was wandering all the video if she was going to loose cloth

  22. drdrillvga Says:

    @1840Cezar some from playing the game and some from the case zero dlc

  23. 1840Cezar Says:

    Where do you get all those clothes from?

  24. marinmarinhola Says:

    @Jellolable, its called ante up

  25. Beans7975 Says:

    can u only play poker once?

  26. BaratoneBass Says:

    i wanna see what happens when chuck gets eleminated any halp?

  27. MilitiaMackMusic Says:

    do u have to play all the way through ?? WHY on this mission i mean

  28. lockwoan01 Says:

    Nothing like a game of poker to pass the time.

  29. ShadowBaofu Says:


    Of course we cant read her poker face! Thats because she folds every time!

  30. ruizray Says:

    Fucking lady gaga always folds when i vs her in poker.

  31. KenshiNewgrounds Says:

    Servbot mask = Perfect Poker Face. :)

  32. pianoman1237 Says:

    calm down chuck.

  33. kormaruR Says:

    @013johncena for knight helm only

  34. 013johncena Says:

    Is it important to do this mission

  35. Ioini Says:

    Best chance to win is have gambling magazines in your inventory.

  36. KpNz1337 Says:

    Poker on DR2 is rigged :D everytime i vs jack he always gets beast asz cards.

  37. ROBHELLER Says:

    @Platinum9611 you win jacks helmet

  38. Platinum9611 Says:

    what clothing items do you win?

  39. pagoogly Says:

    i did ante up while listening to joker and the thief by wolfmother and i kicked everyones ass even though i dont even know how to play poker XD

  40. SuperMrnobody Says:

    ewwwwwwwwwwww i dont want to see that guy stripping

  41. turok472 Says:

    just fold u cant lose ur stuff

  42. HeWhoPwnsNoobs Says:

    Does the three gambler magazines help you in the ante up mission?

  43. Phil5991 Says:

    @judeqt32 It’s because there was 8 survivors already on the map.

  44. judeqt32 Says:


  45. huntor52 Says:

    is this only way to get knight helmet? cus im missing a few pieces 4 it i got boots so far atm.

  46. kormaruR Says:

    @deathandmp5 down to panties

  47. deathandmp5 Says:

    does the girl ever strip?

  48. 09Oblivion Says:

    @extremecovers One easy way, find all 3 gambling magazines. One is in a book store at Royal Flush Plaza on 2nd floor, one in the casino with the SUV and the other is in Palisades Mall at the book sotre on 2nd floor. All I had to do in High Rollers was to play All in everytime and i kicked their asses. (save first in case u might be REALLY unlucky)

  49. riodahoslappa Says:

    @extremecovers i did it once but i forgot to save it… havent seen it since lol

  50. kayumanayu Says:

    I think i know you psn name…

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