Dead Rising 2: Full Playthrough w/Nova & Sp00n Co-op! Ep.33 – The Greatest Game of Strip Poker Ever

March 15, 2011 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Video

SUBSCRIBE ILUVU One of the best things we did so far in this playthrough. LINKSSSS: Sp00ners Page: The Dead Rising 2 Playlist (If you’d like to watch em all) Case Zero Playlist Enviro-Bear

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25 Responses to “Dead Rising 2: Full Playthrough w/Nova & Sp00n Co-op! Ep.33 – The Greatest Game of Strip Poker Ever”

  1. warchief96 Says:

    “She only had to take off the necklace but i had to take of the jacket, the shirt, and my pants?!’ LOL

  2. IxiDoMiNaTiONxI Says:

    fuck google for their 52 second ads.

  3. Santosboys111 Says:

    DR2 Suggestions:
    DR2 Online Poker plus if there’s not enough players, then use the sexiest survivors to play

  4. iliket0bike Says:

    lol ya strip when u run outta money geez


    not the beard!!

  6. Rune2303 Says:

    LOL :D you just gotta love their reactions when its showdown.. NOOOO NOT THE BEARD XD

  7. necro90123 Says:


  8. MarioCrashFan110 Says:


  9. death6998 Says:

    Damnit the red box is so annoying no one cares that your audio is changing!

  10. gmail971 Says:

    i did this without knowing what i was doing and i won

  11. richii14forever Says:

    I like your Reaction on 10:46

  12. daehkcarc Says:

    I think it is fine. It is balanced between campers and rushers. I am a rusher and level 27 6th Prestige.

  13. 12qbrown Says:

    @daehkcarc hows black ops ??

  14. SubparDragoon Says:

    I get the feeling you rather see eachother naked than the girls lol.

  15. SubparDragoon Says:

    I dont trust sullivan

  16. BaThEeShA Says:

    You guys do the best commentaries i laughed though the whole thing you and spoon should do black ops zombies together or something!

  17. daehkcarc Says:

    I should have bought this game instead of Black Ops. DAMN ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Stellerman7 Says:

    @TheCrippledDonkey That’s because she doesn’t have enough clothes to play.

  19. gmanthebeast1 Says:

    lol “ALL IN”

  20. SuperJonnyMario Says:

    I’M GOING ALL IN!! (thats wut he said)

  21. TheCrippledDonkey Says:

    She always folds!!!

  22. Darqon505 Says:

    learn to play poker!

  23. kevideos653 Says:

    @HavanaMV cable guy is the mvoie :p

  24. HellDawgY2K Says:

    @UberHaxorNova Can you do commentaries with sp0n on GTA 4 multiplayer?

  25. KiWiCrappy Says:


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