Dance Party Mix Pack – Lady Gaga 'Poker Face' Mixed With Duran Duran 'Girls on Film'

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DJ Hero DLC – Dance Party Mix Pack – Lady Gaga ‘Poker Face’ Mixed With Duran Duran ‘Girls on Film’ (Expert vs Medium)
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25 Responses to “Dance Party Mix Pack – Lady Gaga 'Poker Face' Mixed With Duran Duran 'Girls on Film'”

  1. MethodicBR Says:

    well mixed

  2. hiddenbutdeadly Says:


    they are trying to appeal to younger audiances (exampled by band hero)

  3. supercavalierotto64 Says:

    @Zuratel This is only a song pack that you can buy separately XD

  4. Zuratel Says:

    LADY GAGA?! wow my percent on buying this has gone from 90% to 20% : /

  5. nfs6532 Says:

    more techno and dance tracks (Y) armand van helden maybe

  6. SKYLARKo80 Says:

    will this be on DJ Hero 2?

  7. jsubroto Says:

    @iMonsta23 hahahah

  8. iMonsta23 Says:

    @jsubroto lol epic

  9. lataaja Says:

    you my friends have made the biggest mistage in gamind history :)

  10. Mika20 Says:

    So want!!! XD

  11. boredstudent Says:

    at least it’s not the acoustic cover by Daughtry

  12. roi196 Says:

    I wanna play it 3:

  13. joymaker19 Says:

    @obliviondarkness666 dud i just got it from ebay this dud sells the renegade one for 53 $ and i love it

  14. obliviondarkness666 Says:

    At first, I couldn’t believe it… but it’s awesome! Man I want this game!

  15. DareDude914 Says:

    No fucking console will ever be the best!! There will be way more better consoles in the future but doenst matter if the ps4 5 6 7 ETC or the New Xbox360 720 180 ETC Or If The Wii 2 Or Wiievution will come out!! Who Gives A Damn if you like or dont the the console ITS JUST A DAMN FUCKIN CONSOLE!!! sHIT MAN!! I Think The Ps3 and the Xbox360 Are Both Great Consoles but there never going to be a BEST Console!!

  16. ThatIndianGuy7116 Says:

    @spaceeskimo11t lol ok man

  17. spaceeskimo11t Says:

    @ThatIndianGuy7116 aight, im tellin ya tho, its there, haha

  18. ThatIndianGuy7116 Says:

    @spaceeskimo11t ok man whatever lol. I know what you are saying and all im hearing is poke her face

  19. spaceeskimo11t Says:

    @ThatIndianGuy7116 if youd give it an honest listen, every second time she says it, its quite clear.

  20. ThatIndianGuy7116 Says:

    @spaceeskimo11t wow, you people think WAY too much into things…lol

  21. spaceeskimo11t Says:

    @ThatIndianGuy7116 listen again, its obviously implied

  22. ThatIndianGuy7116 Says:

    @spaceeskimo11t It’s Poker Face…

  23. vicvipert301 Says:

    @Flunkorg apparently you didn’t know of the trance and house mix they did. Besides people have scratched trance and hardcore before. It’s not that difficult.

  24. Flunkorg Says:

    @stupid173 They are real DJ’s. Actually a lot of the development team are actual REAL DJ’s. This int no sell out game.

  25. Flunkorg Says:

    @vicvipert301 Learn the difference between scratching and using Fruity loops

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