Daleroxxu Poker Vlog – Fanboys and girls going crazy – 16th Sep 2010

October 05, 2010 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Video

Video blog from professional play online poker player Daleroxxu. daleroxxu.blogspot.com This video is dedicated to my awesome fans.
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11 Responses to “Daleroxxu Poker Vlog – Fanboys and girls going crazy – 16th Sep 2010”

  1. TopXKiller1 Says:

    What about your lucky charms?

  2. alreturnslol Says:

    lol, solid vid

  3. Daleroxxu Says:

    @timfbmx wtf are u talking about tim, that was you! :-S

  4. freedom1322009101 Says:

    Bit of a slow start but i was laughing at the end.

    Though if you teach me how to win at poker while shit faced I’ll teach you how to be funnier.

  5. piloot Says:

    omg so fckng funny

  6. timfbmx Says:

    who the fuck was they guy pretending to be me wtf lol

  7. railtank Says:

    typical european

  8. infuzer Says:

    What the fuck?

  9. Migslayer101 Says:


  10. str4liferob Says:

    best in da world!

  11. WhoPwntU Says:


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