D gray man live strip poker face

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made it for fun pretty sure songs over used on dgray man anyways lol -Story- only time allen and tyki can be around each other peacefully is when there playing live strip poker, but neither can see the true emotion behind there masks…they actually like each other -gasp- (why else do you think it looks like there playing strippoker?) and like the lyrics say”russian roulette is not the same without a gun” meaning they need to just take a chance and tell each other (lol) “Baby when its love its not fun unlest its rough” they are always fighting too hence they fall for each other well thats enough of my strange thinking lol Enjoy. and you can stop reading this random ramble ^^ i dont own the audio or D gray man

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25 Responses to “D gray man live strip poker face”

  1. Nejitahhottie Says:

    lawl this is one of the best dgm videos I’ve seen XDDD

  2. Hansuists Says:

    Perfect song for Allen xD

  3. FearYubel39 Says:

    @dazzlezero No Problem Friend~ ^^ im a major fan of both D gray man and Lady Gaga so it also made my day!

  4. dazzlezero Says:

    @FearYubel39 Your comment made my day :D thank you!

  5. FearYubel39 Says:

    *Tackle glomp* THIS VIDEO ISH SOOOO EPIC~! X333 i love it @dazzlezero for the win!

  6. monalisamonaable Says:

    hey, what episode is this??

  7. dazzlezero Says:

    @2asd55 :D thank you!! -hugs-

  8. 2asd55 Says:

    Epic amv, 0 dislikes is what it deserves

  9. actuallycategor Says:

    Lady Gaga say’s sex al ova LOL and i fink she is really nice. But these a rumor that she is a man plz help me – - Naked Lady Gaga. C0000M – -

  10. Roxyrocks0 Says:

    Totally awesomeeee I wish there was a full vers. :) :)

  11. dazzlezero Says:

    @koolsatyra -stares off into fangirldom- mmmm tyki~ (:

  12. koolsatyra Says:

    when they got outta they’re clothes…… i wished tyki was the REAL tyki and not in a diff form……

  13. Sparkcrow Says:

    would you make one for the full song ?

  14. dazzlezero Says:

    np (: glad it helped^^  i just noticed i spelled modify mofigy -cough- ^^ good luck with your video making 8D

  15. BakaEnvyProductions Says:

    @dazzlezero wow…thank you, So much! -tacklehugs.-
    I owe you one!
    Need anything, Just ask me!
    I hope to talk to you again soon~ xD

  16. dazzlezero Says:

    cookie cutter is in video FX
    when you apply a video FX ( depending on the version of sony you have)it will bring up its own window allowing you to mofigy stuff etc it will also have a tab you can click called “animate”^^
    theres two diff masks ones where you cut the image out thats located with pan/crop when you click it you click mask on bottom left (in this videio i didnt actually mask anything ^^ just overlay with a color hehe you can find masking on youtube^^

  17. BakaEnvyProductions Says:

    @dazzlezero No, No! You did very good!
    I mainly know what you’re referring to, just don’t know how to get right ‘click’ so it’ll work!

    Thank you very, very very very very very very very much~! >.< xD

  18. BakaEnvyProductions Says:

    @dazzlezero so, for :45, by taking the crop//pan that’s locate in a top corner of the video in the time line and dragging it..it’ll go that way automatically when you play it? Or, to set it, ..? xD
    Cookie Cutter? where is that located? Video generators, transitions, or..? o.o;
    Animate…is that a right click, or is there a specific place for it?

    Well, i’m not sure how to mask..all I really know is ‘overlay’.
    I know where ‘mask generator’ is, but I have no clue how to use it…D:
    Thank you

  19. dazzlezero Says:

    sorry i probably confused you more then anything ): wasnt sure how much you knew how to do so tried to explain the process kinda ><

  20. dazzlezero Says:

    k lets see – 45 is just going to pan/crop thats located on the top right of the lil video clip that you’ll put in time line you just move it all the way out of the camera view then move the timeline marker lil father down and move the clip back to where you can see ^^ as for 1:05 thats just the cookie cutter effect this time just click “animate” after you put the effect on your clip then you can make it do whatever you want. 11 and 1:10 is masking with cookie cutter

  21. BakaEnvyProductions Says:

    @dazzlezero Well, It’d be nice to know how you did the color flashing too, but..
    time parts: 0:45-0:47,
    and 0:11
    [1:10 maybe also? o.o]
    Any help is GREATLY appreciated… >.<

  22. dazzlezero Says:

    im not sure what part your talking about really hehe sorry ^^ can you tell me what part exactly in vid and i will attempt to explain it

  23. BakaEnvyProductions Says:

    Hmm…I just got sony vegas, and I’m still not sure how to do the ‘masking’ or the thing you did during the ‘Russian roulette’ part…Can you please tell me how..?

  24. KageOokamiOni Says:

    Haha sometimes it seems like they’re actually singing the song. Wonderful. I love Allen and his poker face.

  25. InvaderZimFangirl42 Says:

    @Irinkaaa12 you are on my side you wanna be friends because it looks like youv’e got a big obsession of allen and me too so what do ya say friend!

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