Curb your Enthusiasm season 8 trailer!

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Curb Your Enthusiasm season 8 starts Sunday July 10th. Gary Craig appears in episode 9. It’s a flashback scene where Larry, as a kid gets caught playing strip live strip poker in a Mister Softee truck with the driver’s daughter! Big big laughs.

Mike cleans up some business.
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50 Responses to “Curb your Enthusiasm season 8 trailer!”

  1. GaryCraig965 Says:

    See Gary Craig in episode 9 of Curb Your Enthusiasm. The episode is entitled “Mr. Softee” Sunday, Sept 4 10pm on HBO. In this flashback to the 1960′s, “Little Larry David” is caught playing strip poker with a girl inside a Mr. Softee truck!

  2. GaryCraig965 Says:

    @duirage But that’s the whole point of the show. It’s SUPPOSED to be childish and far fetched, and mindless.

  3. duirage Says:

    I have to say, even though i might get a backlash – this show has run its course. how many far fetched “awkward” scenes can a guy take? it was funny and all the first couple of seasons, i also liked season 7 – but season 8 just feels recycled, and childish.

  4. BrettSchall Says:

    @LYleus LOL

  5. 27Dolohov Says:

    Hell yeah they brought Leon back !

  6. vijucat Says:

    @L31mr0d He has Parkinson’s disease, did you know that?

  7. L31mr0d Says:

    @GaryCraig965 Ok…

    1) Click on the video to pause it
    2) Click on the video to play it
    3) Tap the number “6″ on your keyboard rapidly

  8. olli19800 Says:

    @L31mr0d bhahahahaha

  9. moeezS Says:

    @L31mr0d Charlie Sheen!

  10. ThePolice1500 Says:

    Really looking forward to this!

  11. GaryCraig965 Says:

    @L31mr0d Nothing happens. What am I supposed to see?

  12. L31mr0d Says:

    Click on video. Hold down the “6″ key.

  13. ispeektruth Says:


  14. MrGreen428 Says:

    Two people adhere to social conventions.


    @ralbon she’s just not in this preview, but she’s in this season.

  16. CliveSinclairZX Says:


  17. ralbon Says:

    No Cheryl?

  18. josecuadriello Says:

    The genius behind Seinfield…This is pure gold

  19. MrVanDep Says:

    i watch Curb because I do everything he does and complain about the exact same things… we’re the same person…. except for the 400 million dollars, of course

  20. Deloring Says:

    Classic, appealing to everyone.

  21. JQisAwesome Says:

    They’re coming out with a new game, “Assassin’s Creed: Social Assassin.” starring Larry David.

  22. mcdonaldization Says:


  23. grimysoldja Says:

    “blacks blush” XD

  24. iversonjai Says:

    Leon’s back…yes!!!

  25. themorgerath1 Says:

    Im watching these on sky atlantic, only on season 4…

  26. liakyh Says:

    @drewnod HK MK23, .45acp. someone who knew what he was doing (like mike) would shoot for center mass right?

  27. Siviz4 Says:

    “She says yes”.. love it.

  28. SiyaoLu Says:

    @specimen25 fuck you

  29. drewnod Says:

    the asian guy started selling his chemicals to another meth manufacturer cause he thought they were tougher than gus and mike. apparently they weren’t. asian dude tried to play it off like he was forced into it and mike called him out.

    don’t know why mike beat up walt in the last episode, though. that was a major dick move.

  30. drewnod Says:

    Amazing scene, but there were a 2 inaccuracies. 1 body shot with a 9mm (it’s definitely a 9 cause of the low recoil) makes 2 guys fall over instantly? He had the jump on them anyways, should’ve fired 3 or 4 shots to make them go down. Execution shots were very realistic, you don’t see that much on tv. 2nd, even with that guy helping him line up the shot, it would be impossible to line it up that well. Body shots would be more believable. Mike is badass though, so I don’t care.

  31. chimichangotrain Says:

    Why did he do this

  32. specimen25 Says:

    “”she’s good driver”……….she’s asian she is not a good driver!

  33. ontariobuds Says:

    poor Mr.Chow

  34. TheTvrulesthenation Says:

    Whats the name of this tune? Mikes such a scary fuck

  35. Savaril Says:

    Everybody likes balloons.

  36. pilofree Says:

    ‘she’s gunna need her shoe’

  37. RadeonX0X Says:

    She says yes…

  38. kalibos Says:

    You’re never too old for balloons.

  39. Pogoisgacy Says:

    Best part is the intro with Mike just standing there and the music starts going….you just know he is gonna fuck someone up

  40. Pogoisgacy Says:

    Bad ass song to go with Mike’s killing spree

  41. munkieeiknum Says:

    My favorite scene out of the whole show so far :D

  42. hiphopheadism Says:

    Mike gets surgical with that shit.

    the part where the dude was behind the wall while the chink was helpin out is fuckin clever

  43. blizzy00 Says:


    Lol Yeah ” I am business man..”

  44. MysticDMBherb Says:

    Haha that Chinese man makes me laugh with his lame excuses

  45. magicemail Says:

    Its 2D

  46. 911fever Says:

    so badass . . . . . . . .

  47. DonJulian0 Says:

    “she’s got to need her shoe” :D :D:D:D:D

  48. DonJulian0 Says:

    3:05 – 3:27 I laughed my fuckin ass of :D :D:D

  49. blizzy00 Says:

    Dude, your videos rock and are mad official looking, i just wish they were in 360p to 480p…:(

    Still awesome though.

  50. blizzy00 Says:


    Ah, finally a gun savvy guy who is not a call of duty nerd on youtube.

    Respect Bro. I stand corrected.

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