Cubed: Strip Teach-Speaker of House

February 17, 2012 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Video

Strip Teach takes a hard look at Boehner as Speaker of the House.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Video Rating: 5 / 5

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26 Responses to “Cubed: Strip Teach-Speaker of House”

  1. emantabrizi Says:

    Um…anyone know which school she teaches at?

  2. chipmunksaudiomaker3 Says:

    i wanna fuck her so bad

  3. mrkeserkafa Says:

    love girl..

  4. orgilie Says:

    any one heard something ”house …house” ?

  5. bubuynaga Says:

    i wana see her butt. 

  6. shinobisensei Says:

    what she say? i was distracted.

  7. Alfredopasta93 Says:

    oh she was talking?!

  8. vangstr4life Says:

    she got my vote.

  9. accountsjr Says:

    I came here because i saw strip!

  10. oracle2world Says:

    Customs can do whatever they want. Just FYI.

  11. cyndish1 Says:

    Why on earth is there so much blanked out??

  12. jamesbrownintown Says:

    TSA Tyranny!!!

  13. godscuttingyoudown Says:

    by law a cop can detain you from 24-48 hrs dependant on jurisdiction as long as they have a reasonable suspicion that you have committed a crime. even if they found nothing; and if you understand the law you can file a civil suit against the jurisdiction for loss of property as a man’s stolen time is considered property damage

  14. godscuttingyoudown Says:

    Surprise surprise black women, 400 years and the white man still loves to treat black women as cargo

  15. Harzburgitic Says:

    Racist fucking bastards!

  16. 333666666 Says:

    The TSA faps to this.

  17. MrBrokenedition Says:

    This video was edited like a mother fucker

  18. HappyHooker83 Says:

    @AveragePope It was deliberate.

  19. AveragePope Says:

    @HappyHooker83 You misspelled woman. 

  20. HappyHooker83 Says:

    6:19 I remember that. Damn. Black womyn have no rights and are really not seen as real womyn, let alone as real human.

  21. HappyHooker83 Says:

    That kills me they fuck with a mentally handicapped individual. My brother is mentally handicapped. Also, I hate when white people accuse of playing the race card. It is their way of avoiding white supremacy. Like the white reporter showed as well as Banged Up/ Locked Up Abroad on the Discovery Channel show, it is mostly WHITE PEOPLE who will pull that off because they know white supremacy would not even acknowledge them…except great people of color countries like Thailand!

  22. HappyHooker83 Says:

    They are mostly older. Why would they carry drugs?

  23. HappyHooker83 Says:

    This is also racism, too. Bet she was a crakkka. Thank you for the upload. There are worse stories then this even though this and what happened to me are very tragic. They do this to black womyn because they don’t see us as human. They would not do that to white womyn because not only would they complain AND be taken seriously, but white womyn are seen as more human than black womyn.

  24. HappyHooker83 Says:

    This is true. Happened to me. Got sexually assaulted by a female border guard last year coming back from Mexico in 2010.

  25. caltch51 Says:

    Yes this was very skippy, either there was a technical problem, or badly edited.

  26. rand2002 Says:

    poor quality, video skips 2-3 seconds at a time every 10-20 seconds. I just checked some other videos, but they were not a problem. This video and the one called “louisiana” is doing it too.

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