Cover Girl Strip Poker (amiga)

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All music with gameplay video. Girls: Maria, Trine, Ginny and Amanda. I uploaded this video because of the music. There’s a full playthrough video available for download at Recorded Amiga Games, played by Hipoonios. (0:28) Cover Girl Anthem (1:48) Name write / Girl select (2:13) In bed with Maria (Jane has same music) (3:42) On Donna’s beach (Trine has same music) (5:06) Ginny in the window (Sofia has same music) (7:35) Workout with Amanda (Signe has same music) There’s minor bugs with the graphics. Nothing too serious I think. Music: Martin Agger Publisher: The Sales Curve (1992)
Video Rating: 0 / 5 Learn how to get a thrilling game of Strip Poker going. The hot girls from Man’s Take introduce this must-have guide to home strip live strip poker.
Video Rating: 0 / 5

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7 Responses to “Cover Girl Strip Poker (amiga)”

  1. slask25 Says:

    I can’t believe this aint flagged or removed yet. The youtube moralfags must be asleep or something…

  2. Alyzabeth1990 Says:

    lol. Stupid game.

  3. BRAKESUK80 Says:

    women were fitter back in the day…they left more to the imagination. these days a tit is a tit etc ;)

  4. Vebinz Says:

    These games forced many a young boys to quickly learn how to play poker, or atleast how to win.

  5. georgemargaris Says:

    great. i loved the music so much.

  6. JackiePaquito Says:

    This is so hot!

  7. jacquelinelacan Says:

    ^^ Hilarious

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